Cyberpunk 2077 Will Be Redeemed - Here's Why

Devin Rardin: Cyberpunk 2077 had a rocky launch, expecially on console, but CD Projekt Red will redeem it with patches and DLC. They must.

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Knightofelemia41d ago

Question is how may patches will it take to make the game playable on XB1 and PS4 free DLC means f*ck all when the game is unplayable. Personally I am dumping this game next week I just gave up on it I don't care about it I just want it gone now. Some of the glitches were funny at first like randomly falling through the map and dying or looking in the mirror and V is in their birthday suit when they had clothes on. It has some characters I like such as Evelyn, Jackie, Panam, Johnny but the game has been sitting more then being played. And I really don't want to play guess how many patches it will take to fix the game.

porkChop40d ago

"free DLC means f*ck all when the game is unplayable"

I agree. Though CDPR did say they would focus on fixing the game first before they start releasing the DLC.

Knightofelemia39d ago (Edited 39d ago )

I wouldn't know I traded off the game I am tired of it sitting and collecting dust I am done with the franchise. I am done playing guess when the next patch comes out and how bad it f*cks up the game. DLC don't care, multiplayer don't care, the game is gone and used the credit towards another title.

39d ago
Vx_40d ago (Edited 40d ago )

They went as low as to develop an E3 only showcase of the game that has nothing to do with the actual game itself, the problem with this junk isn't just hardware limitations but much much more ranging from shitty AI, physics, driving, balancing, cut contents, useless crafting, and I don't believe people will ever see the promised immersive world of CP0277 were life path and choices actually matter and impact the game, were the NPCs have a real day/night life cycle, and all those fake promises that they've announced before. Such a disappointment.

I care less about the bugs, but the core development of this game is just bad, like really bad, you can tell that they didn't finish coding many stuff, and rushed this shit with bad coding just to look "ok" from outside. It's like walking into those useless expansive utensils stores whit a sign that says "You can only watch. But don't touch"

RememberThe35739d ago

Yeah the biggest disappointment is all the cut content and features. The entire game is a shell of what they promised.

RpgSama39d ago

We shouldn't be rewarding the "release now, fix it later mentality" I will not be buying this game at no point, no matter how much improved it is, they knew they were screwing their customers and they did it anyway

RgR39d ago

So the game is only "fixed" if it's playable on 7+ year old hardware that was outdated when it released?

Well forgive me if I would personally prefer the old base consoles be forgotten and that they would focus on next gen only.

Focusing on last gen is like betting on a dead horse.

CorndogBurglar39d ago

There are millons of people that bought the game for PS4 and Xbox One, and big portion of those won't have a next gen console for a long time. So no, they shouldn't just stop fixing previous gen consoles. The game was always promised to be on those consoles and those customers deserve the game that was promised, or at least as close to it as possible.

CYALTR39d ago

If a game is released for last gen, it should still work. Will it look as good as on new consoles and PC, of course not, but it should at least be playable and it is not for many. That said, many are being so freaking picky about tiny details that it will never reach an acceptable level for them. Those people are just being unrealistic IMHO.

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Vengeance113840d ago

It's not just about patches and updating CP2077, its also largely about how do you know they won't keep doing the same sneaky tactics for their future games following CP? No management got fired over this so it'll still be the same underhanded corrupt people making decisions then later releasing "we're sorrrry" vids.
How many would trust CDProjekt without question after this?

porkChop40d ago

Yup. Both TW3 and CP2077 released broken and buggy. I hope people are more cautious with CDPR's next game.

Eidolon39d ago

I played The Witcher 3 on base PS4 on the day of release and it was NOT this buggy, no fking way.

porkChop39d ago

I didn't say TW3 was as buggy as CP2077. But it was significantly buggy, and had some game breaking issues. CP2077 is obviously the worse of the two, that's not even up for debate.

HusbandAndWifeGaming40d ago

The missing features and cut back character development aren't going to be fixed with performance patches.

CrimsonWing6940d ago

Will we be seeing more of these articles? Like at this point it’s just another drop in the bucket.

Duke1940d ago

Sure, but will it be redeemed in time? I want to play it, but with rumors of a proper Next Gen patch not coming until the second half of 2021 - that feels like too little too late

BrettAwesome39d ago

Those aren't rumours. It's their own words. Bet it won't drop till 2022

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