Has The Time Come to Reboot Gears of War?

When it first launched almost 15 years ago, the original Gears of War set the tone not just for the Xbox 360, but also for the generation to come. Flash forward to today, however, and the franchise in terms of reception and audience engagement seems to have taken a bit of a decline. The way I see it, it boils down to two questions: "Does Gears of War need a reboot?" and "Would Gears of War benefit from a reboot?".

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BigTrain50d ago

No, the time has come to create an original IP.

TallDarknWavy48d ago

They tried the female main character in a male centric audience and it failed. They already tried to reinvent. Go woke, go broke.

wukalawifo49d ago (Edited 49d ago )

I too agree that gears should stay where it is. and a new IP should be considered.
and I'm also expecting any new IPs from them to also have lots of gears inspiration.
which if you enjoyed any of the gears titles then their next IPs should also be as anticipated.

BLizardXD49d ago

you can definitely expect the gears formula will return on a new ip.

BlackIceJoe49d ago

I agree completely with your statement. I feel like The Coalition has shown they are talented developers and it is about time Microsoft lets them try something else.

I also feel like Microsoft should invest more into that company, so they can have another team, working on games, under The Coalition studio. This way they always are working on two games at a time.

Atom66649d ago

This is the best option in my opinion. The rumor is still out there that Coalition is doing the Perfect Dark MP, though. So that might be where their studio expansion is focused.

They remain one of the best at truly pushing Unreal Engine. I'd like them to try their chops at a horror game myself.

BehindTheRows49d ago

That or give it a much needed break.

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NeoGamer23249d ago

To me new IPs are not a requirement. There is no guarantee that creating a new IP will result in anything positive.

I feel both God of War and Gears reinvented themselves well last generation. After God of War Ascension and Gears Judgement I felt both series were dead for ideas. Gears 4 was more of the same, but I really enjoyed Gears 5 and the holiday Hivebusters DLC. The last God of War was nothing short of perfect!

BigTrain48d ago

"There is no guarantee that creating a new IP will result in anything positive."

True, but guess what, you won't find that out unless you create a new IP.

NeoGamer23248d ago

Microsoft first party studios has a few new IPs scheduled....

Grounded will exit preview this year, Avowed, Everwild, Project Mara, rumour has it Compulsion has a new IP, and rumour has it inXile has a new IP.

And once MS has ZeniMax they will own Deathloop and Ghostwire both new IPs (Although it is ironic that MS will own two games that were PS [probably timed] exclusives).

Skyfly4749d ago

One more entry into this particular saga should be made to cap of Kaits story then they should move on to a new IP i reckon.

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Vits50d ago

I don't think it need a reboot per say. As expressed by the article the game itself was a major success. That said we are already on Gears 5 and as the story of all the games is conected they are going to have issues in gathering new fans the more games they launch.

So eventually it will either need a reboot. Or to be put to rest.

DJStotty49d ago

No, Gears has had a great run, create a new IP.

lellkay49d ago (Edited 49d ago )

It's just time to retire it. The trilogy was bloody great, but the whole format of the game is just tired now, it feels like a relic that can't be saved by adding bigger guns and better graphics. Add in the fact the newer characters just lack the chemistry of the original ones and it just feels like the franchise is done now.

BigTrain48d ago

Exactly. Let it go and go find someone creative and make something new. There are no mores holes left to plug up with grenades, it's official.

SyntheticForm49d ago

Either reboot it or just plain boot it.

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