Cyberpunk 2077: CD Projekt Red Responds to Report About Fake E3 Demo and Development Issues

CD Projekt Red studio head Adam Badowski has responded to a Bloomberg report about Cyberpunk 2077 and its alleged fake E3 demo and development issues.

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Knightofelemia45d ago (Edited 45d ago )

"Our final game looks and plays way better than what that demo ever was." I don't believe that most people know trailers whether movie trailers or game trailers are smoke and mirrors and they only show off the good stuff to help build up hype. And game demos only show off so much of the game they probably took parts that weren't as buggy and made a game demo out of Cyberpunk. The game can be a pile of shit but yet still have a trailer to make it look bad ass. You marketed this game as a must have title even have Keanu Reeves in it and advertising it in the commercials yet the game falls flat. I still wonder what Keanu Reeves thinks about this game he was lead to believe was a bad ass game just to have it go from a dumpster fire to a sinking ship.

"Badowski then responded to the claim that many Cyberpunk 2077 developers knew the game would not be ready for release in 2020." Should have listened to your team even if they were canned or have left. You wouldn't have gone from a dumpster fire to a sinking ship that you have to patch as you go. You pushed the game out early to capitalize on the holiday season sales and well two lawsuits and Sony pulling the title digitally from the PSN store is what happens when you rush an unfinished product. You knew the game was broken your staff told you now it has come back to bite you in the ass which it has.

"How he claims that the PS5 and Xbox Series X/S next-gen update will arrive in the "second half" of 2021." I highly doubt people are going to keep the game around that long just to count how many patches it will take to save the sinking ship. There are more exciting titles coming out in 2021 like RE8, Horizon 2 to name a few. Cyberpunk will most likely be a highly traded in game to the point where Gamestop refuses to accept the title as a trade in. I know I am trading in Cyberpunk I am tired of waiting on patches for the XB1 port I just want this game gone and off my shelf. Your last update made the game worse I am tired of my Xbox looking like it's confused whether it wants to continue playing the game or crash.

potatoseal45d ago

"and well two lawsuits"

Apparently, there are now like 15 lawsuits going on.

This really is unprecedented. How far CDPR have fallen.

Knightofelemia45d ago

Just need a lawsuit from Keanu Reeves now would not be surprised if that jumps out of the bush next.

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InUrFoxHole44d ago

That should've been activision. Guess gamers have had enough lol

-Foxtrot45d ago (Edited 45d ago )

It's funny because they expect us to believe them when they lied to us during Cyberpunks entire development

I mean who am I going to believe them or Jason?

Don't get me wrong, Jason isn't a perfect guy, and will be wrong from time to time, but unlike most he does his research into this sort of thing and what Jason reported sounded like things most of us were feeling leading up to the games development and even after once the game released.


Jason's Reply on Twitter

"Adam, I appreciate the responses. As I'm sure you're aware, the team declined to respond to my specific questions or provide an interview before my article went live. But if you'd like to give your perspective on the topics you didn't cover here, I'd be happy to chat any time"

anast44d ago

Mr. Bloomberg has to stay relevant so I wouldn't trust him more than anyone else. Research can be tinted in a self serving way.

LucasRuinedChildhood45d ago (Edited 45d ago )

A very weak response to Jason's piece. The things you don't say, say an awful lot.

He chose to completely ignore crunch and the claim that the release was much sooner than expected which says all you need to know. If it wasn't true, he would have simply stated that it wasn't true.

"Also, car ambushes exist in the final game almost verbatim to what we showed in the demo." A van cannot dynamically pull up on you in the world and weave between traffic (the traffic can't even drive around an obstacle). It was a lie as presented in the demo. End of.

Also pretending that the PC version is 100% realized and just has some bugs is just professional damage control. The police spawn right beside you. It's not finished.

He recently claimed that they didn't notice issues with the console versions while also pointing out that texture streaming issues constantly affected the game's development. His lies don't even make sense.

Vegamyster44d ago

"Also pretending that the PC version is 100% realized and just has some bugs is just professional damage control."

He directly says the PC version isn't perfect and they never actually showed how the police system worked in the demos and only vaguely talked about it, here is a quote from them before the game came out about "Emergent Gang Battles." which would explain why the Police system isn't great.

“To be honest, most of our content is hand-crafted. It’s mostly tailored,” quest director Mateusz Tomaszkiewicz told TG in our exclusive interview. “We don’t really go into systemic, generated solutions that would generate some random conflicts across the city. Most of the stuff you see as you travel through Night City - like in The Witcher 3 - is hand-crafted and custom-made by us.”

They probably avoided talking about it for that very reason, it's just something they threw in so its not that isn't not finished, it just isn't good.

LucasRuinedChildhood44d ago (Edited 44d ago )

That's actually not true. They did talk about the wanted system in 2019, and how unlike GTA, they police could take bribes. Corporations could even bribe the police - that's how interactive they said it was. There's more on top of this as well:

The end result is not what the developers intended or wanted because the game was rushed out the door by management. At this stage, the official release date had just been revealed as April 2020 (it still wasn't fully implemented in December 2020), so the developers probably did think that this release date was crazy.

He is highly responsible for the game being prematurely released and rather than being honest (this was just a financial decision), he is pretending that the issues sincerely just weren't seen in QA. He is lying. I know you don't believe that.

LucasRuinedChildhood44d ago

When I said "I know you don't believe that", I meant that I know you don't believe the obvious lies (that they just didn't see issues in QA). Don't that is clear from the way I finished my comment.

Vegamyster44d ago

That's literately two sentences and it comes across more as a lore dump rather than an actual wanted system that the player would be interacting with.

"the police force is "up for hire" and that "laws exist to take bribes from corporations." The corporation could bribe the government to pass a law and then used the corrupt police force to send the law after players. Night City is "a city of people trying to constantly get one up on each other" and it's "not a place where you want to trust the government," explained Liu."

"He is lying. I know you don't believe that."

Maybe you shouldn't assume things because that's not an argument, i don't believe for a second they were unaware of the state of the game on consoles and stated on this site within the first couple days of the games release that the last gen versions should have been cancelled or delayed.

LucasRuinedChildhood44d ago (Edited 44d ago )


It was described as a gameplay system, not as a piece of lore. "send the law after players" is a gameplay system.

"Maybe you shouldn't assume things because that's not an argument." You then go on to agree with me that you know that he is lying about the QA. C'mon, man. I clarified exactly what I meant in a second reply to make sure there was no confusion.

Vegamyster44d ago


If two sentences is all you get after 4 years of full development and another 4 years of preproduction/setting up then maybe there isn't much there, that's what i was getting at. Now had they'd gone in depth like how combat and dialogue options work then i would agree.

"You then go on to agree with me that you know that he is lying about the QA. C'mon, man"

People can tell the truth, part of the truth or lie depending on the circumstances all at the same time. It's not shock they'll lie or downplay the console version because of the lawsuits going on, they're not going to willingly agree those versions had massive technical issues they knew about with that going on.

PrinceAli44d ago


You have genuinely done nothing but bootlick CDPR this entire time and look stupid doing it! this has to be some of the stupidest damage control i've ever seen, they f**ked up, lied and this damage control from them will only get by because of people like you who defend their BS ¬__¬

Vegamyster44d ago


So saying a games systems are not great, they definitely know how bad the last gen versions were and they should have delayed or cancelled the last gen version while not diving into things we didn't really know anything about is boot licking? Care to elaborate or would you prefer to stick to name calling?

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ZeroBlue245d ago (Edited 45d ago )

I have yet to play the game, and while CDPR obviously dropped the ball with the launch, I'm still really excited to play the next gen patched version on my PS5 whenever it comes out. I know you're not supposed to say anything positive about this game these days, but it looks incredibly ambitious, and from everything I've seen, the writing and storytelling seems to be every bit as good as it was in Witcher 3, and for me personally, that's more than enough to warrant a purchase. Though it does seem like it would be wise to wait for the optimal experience when the bugs get ironed out and we get the version updated for next gen.

I dunno, yeah, they screwed up, but I've never seen this much outrage, lol. Skyrim was a buggy disaster (the CP2077 memes? Yeah, Skyrim already did that years ago), with mediocre gameplay mechanics and story when it released, yet it got a bunch of GOTY awards. I'm not saying you should give a pass to this game, it just seems like the standard now is a bit inconsistent compared to games in the past.

potatoseal45d ago

I'm a little bit peeved that, according to their mapped out future, the current-gen PS5 and Series X console versions are going to be coming AFTER the DLC has been released.

Sciurus_vulgaris45d ago

The quality standards for open-world games have risen.

Seraphim45d ago

truth Zero. Maybe these kiddos are to young to remember how bad Oblivion was or perhaps even Skyrim, GTA, GTA Vice City and San Andreas and many other [especially] open world games. bugs galore, falling through the map into an infinite purgatory of falling or just being stuck underground, and many other glitches/bugs that would force you to reload the game. Or any number of games back in the day. Oblivion on PC I had to start over 3x with 60+ hours into the game before throwing in the towel. For the record I had a solid rig at the time. Not quite top of the line but if far exceeded recommended spec. I threw in the towel on PC and picked up Oblivion on PS3 later and it was still a shit show. I had to restart that once after 40-60 hours. Not to mention the arsenal of bugs, glitches and screen tears. Just like Skyrim, Oblivion racked up GOTY awards and awards in general. In my experience those issues were not only far more than Cyberpunks but more severe as well.

Now there's no doubting CDPR dropped the ball. Personally I don't know of anyone who has played it on base PS4 but even on Pro friends are reporting it's not bad. I played it on PS5 and had minimal bugs/issues. 120-ish hours with a platinum trophy. Without saying to much I'll say that all the side stories and game itself was fantastic. I think far to many people hyped this game to where there was no reasonable way they'd be satisfied. Also, the mob mentality. People hear it's so terrible and see some bad clips and assume it's a dumpster fire; that the entire game is like that. Again, CDPR does appear to have dropped the ball and their comments in early 2020 don't help. But get over it for F sake. I'm sick of the constant crap show and piling it on that's happening. Either play the dam game, wait for patches and/or next gen updates [which are free btw] or STFU already & go play games you do enjoy. This constant berating is just old man. Let's get over it and move on. The game still sold crazy copies and millions of gamers who have or are playing it are enjoying it

RazzerRedux44d ago (Edited 44d ago )

Truth is there people hating on this game long before it ever came out. I have no idea why they were hoping the game would fail and rejoiced when it ultimately did. A lot of folks are just piling on the hate as mobs tends to do. Did CDPR screw up? Undoubtedly. Is it as bad as the game's worse detractors claim? No, at least, I personally don't think so. And I fully expect the game will be fully fixed in the next few weeks. Other devs have redeemed themselves after botched launches I think this will be no different.

Regardless, I wouldn't trust Jason Schirer's take on this one way or another. He is fine when it comes to game news leaks and stuff like that, but the fact is the guy politically motivated in cases like these. Journalism isn't journalism when the supposed journalist is advocating a cause. It swerves far too close to the realm of propaganda. That doesn't mean when he wrote is inaccurate. It just means I don't trust him.

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Sciurus_vulgaris45d ago

While I’m enjoying Cyperpunk 2077 on my series X. I can’t help but feel the game could have been so much more if patients wasn’t overtaken by greed. It’s too bad the higher ups at CDPR got so overconfident due to the success Witcher, whilst also being oblivious to the concerns of their staff.

InUrFoxHole44d ago

I tried to play it on the series x, before the patches. I had floating people, horrible textures, life less city, pop ins. What made me say screw this game was when I was talking to the 1st NPC while he was eating Chinese food. During that cut scene there was a spawn point for NPCs over his left shoulder. Every couple of seconds 1 would spawn and walk straight with a lifeless look on their face. I couldn't focus on what the guy was saying. Huge let down. Worse than Halo. Atleast they were smart enough to delay it.

annoyedgamer45d ago

The only reason there are accusations of a fake demo is because it was held behind closed doors for the elites while the rest of us peasants were prohibited from seeing it. You made your bed now lie in it.

InUrFoxHole44d ago

Like that you know you're a peasant.... hmmm

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