King of Kong Director Finds New Box Office Success

Seth Gordon, the man behind Donkey Kong documentary The King of Kong, is cashing in with his new romantic comedy, Four Christmases, which topped the Thanksgiving box office charts. Critics weren't so receptive, dishing out overwhelmingly negative reviews.

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cain1413700d ago

I've heard mixed reviews about that movie. I'll probably end up seeing it.

Still need to see king of kong...

ihaten4glol3700d ago

I thought that movie looked pretty horrendous. XD

Viewtiful3700d ago

Even though this movie apparently was terrible, I'm still really glad that this guy could line his pockets with some green. This is the money he should have earner on King of Kong, because that movie was AMAZING.

cain1413700d ago

I've heard that from a few people...

3700d ago
Nick27283700d ago

It's always good to see a more widestream treatment of popular video games, even though King of Kong isn't directly about Donkey Kong per se, but the fact that it was well done enough to receive awards after it's release does show that the series is still alive and well in the public mind.

ThePimpOfSound3700d ago

Yeah, but, how do you go from that to this? Maybe this is one of those "you do this and your next movie can be that passion project" kind of deals. Hey, they always talk about that on Entourage!

GoodSpeed3700d ago

Gordon also put Steve Wiebe in the film as the husband to one of the characters in the film. The film had its funny moments, but Vince pretty much carried this film. He's pure comedic genius.