PlatinumGames hopes to give an update on Bayonetta 3 and more in 2021

PlatinumGames' Hideki Kamiya teases potential news for Bayonetta 3 and more to be delivered in 2021.

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Neonridr245d ago

I would hope they can give us an update sometime in 2021 on this game XD

leahcim244d ago

why is not tagged to psx xbox? is nintendo exclusive? is that confirmed?

244d ago
Neonridr244d ago

Bayo 3 is a Switch exclusive. Just like Bayo 2, Nintendo is fully funding the development.

Viking_mo244d ago

That was confirmed years ago. But the other projects hes talking about isnt.

CrimsonWing69244d ago

Let me ask you something: Why wasn’t the 2nd Bayonetta on anything but the Switch?

ZeekQuattro244d ago

Why tag platforms that aren't getting the game?

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MehmetAlperTR244d ago

already sold my switch.. tired of waiting for bayonetta 3..