Castlevania, Contra, and Arcade Classics Anniversary Collections given huge discounts on Switch

The Castlevania, Contra, and Arcade Classics Anniversary Collections have been given their biggest discounts yet on Switch.

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Unknown_Gamer579450d ago

Nice! Handhelds and retro compilations go really well together, and these ones have to be Konami’s best work in years (not that I can think of anything else they’ve done recently, but that’s beside the point).

franwex50d ago

Yeah. I noticed. Wished they were on PS4 or Xbox at that price. Oh well.

galgor49d ago

They'll be re-selling these games forever.

NotoriousWhiz49d ago

And at $5, I'll gladly buy them.

Unknown_Gamer579448d ago

Well, yeah. Otherwise Konami would actually have to make new games, and they wouldn't want to do that that, would they?

Ok, well-warranted quips aside, they did go above and beyond with these collections. In all fairness, they definitely deserve praise for these ones. I also hope they get ported to the PS5 and XS.

UltimateOwnage49d ago

Heck yeah! I picked up all 3.