PS5 - 10 Underhyped Games Coming in 2021

Devin Rardin: PS5 has some huge exclusive games coming out in 2021, but others, indie games and new IP, my be underhyped by comparision.

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Viking_mo49d ago

Returnal and kena bridge of spirits is not underrated. Theres a lot of hype for those 2 games

LeeFender49d ago

It is in the author's opinion - there is no right or wrong here. Hence, why this is an opinion piece my friend :)

BrainSyphoned49d ago (Edited 49d ago )

Your opinion that it was an opinion is wrong. When a game has been in almost every PS5 trailer Sony has released there is no ground to argue on.

Lukejrl49d ago (Edited 49d ago )

Some stuff cannot objectively be opinion despite someone saying so. Saying "in my opinion, the world is flat" is not only a incorrect opinion it also a stupid one.

Saying a game not yet released, and has serious hype, as underrated is premature and does even reflect the hype it has.

Opinions are not facts

Dirty_Lemons48d ago (Edited 48d ago )

I'd probably agree with the Viking that general consensus would be Returnal is probably not underrated, but I haven't seen advertising all over the web like with some games so... 🤷‍♂️

Army_of_Darkness48d ago

Returnal seems mildy hyped up as in not over or underrated (if this makes any sense lol)..
But whatever the case, I'm super excited about it, along with Ghostwire Tokyo.

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lifeisgamesok49d ago

Yep. I do agree that Solar Ash deserves some more hype though, it's a beautiful indie

shuvam0948d ago

Returnal will be a huge commercial flop, but not because of the game itself. You can't sell a niche title for 70 euros. You just can't.

lifeisgamesok48d ago

I'll gladly pay $70 for Returnal it looks amazing

oldenjon48d ago

Idk, I see a lot of people dismissing Returnal as a valid AAA title and claiming it’s overpriced. Perhaps it is underrated, just can’t say anything conclusive at the moment,

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CantThinkOfAUsername49d ago

I don't know if we can objectively determine a game's hype level, but I think reveal trailers' view numbers are a good indicator of interest (while maintaining a healthy Likes to Dislikes ratio, that is).
In descending order, the numbers are (on PlayStation's official YouTube channel unless otherwise specified):
Kena: Bridge of Spirits - 3.5M
Stray - 2.6M
GhostWire: Tokyo - 1.8M
Little Devil Inside - 1.6M
Returnal - 1M
Destruction AllStars - 860K
Guilty Gear Strive - 657K (IGN teaser trailer. Bandai Namco's official trailer got 62K views)
Solar Ash - 348K
NiOH Collection - 156K
Disco Elysium - The Final Cut - 63K

I should also note that all of these are specific trailers. Meaning, the majority of views are search-driven (which shows interest in the specific title, or maybe I am reading too far into this and people just watch trailers because they are cool).
You be the judge.

LeeFender49d ago

I would have to agree with you on the trailer viewcount as a way to gauge interest.

Palitera48d ago

Good idea.

Google Trends is a great tool for interest measurement too...

JustTheFax49d ago

I really want to play Stray!

DJStotty49d ago

"top 10 PS5 titles"

3 are PS5, 7 are multiplatform

Edito49d ago

You are the only one here who said TOP and it's really stupid because you know that only one console has TOP heavy hitters exclusives...

DJStotty49d ago (Edited 49d ago )

Good point, i don't know where i got "top" from. I must have been between articles when commenting. It was a genuine error.

Other than that error, my comment is correct, edited :-

"10 PS5 titles"

3 are PS5, 7 are multiplatform.

48d ago
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