Cyberpunk 2077: Seven Reasons Why You Should Not Quit

COG writes: Cyberpunk 2077 gets a bad rap, but there is plenty here to keep you playing; stat builds, weapon customization, even just a wicked view no matter where you go! Check out the full list inside.

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ZeroBlue250d ago (Edited 50d ago )

Haven't played it yet, but really looking forward to it. Gonna wait for the next gen patch though. I figure most of the issues will be ironed out by then. Underneath the problems, it seems like a great game that was perhaps a victim of its own ambition. And to the angry mob, no, I'm not justifying the launch issues.

Donnie8150d ago

From the road map they laid out the next gen patch is still a long ways out . I couldn’t wait. Game is really good and I have had a solid experience on the series x. Some of the bugs are hilarious!

arkard50d ago

I'm waiting for the next 2 patches. Those are supposed to be pretty major and I anticipate they will fix most the problem, then I'll dive In.

Donnie8149d ago

Game is really good. I’m finding the story interesting, side missions are plentiful and maybe the high point of the game plus it’s a very deep game. The rpg systems and customization is massive. Hopefully those patches do help performance across the board and kill the bugs. I’ve not encountered anything game breaking but there are plenty of minor bugs like I noticed a street musician playing guitar but the guitar wasn’t visible in her hand. It was pretty funny. I’m playing on the series x in quality mode and it’s been solid performance wise but my tv supports vrr so I wouldn’t encounter FPS dips if they happened. Game looks ok to sometimes great. If you pick it up hopefully you enjoy it

49d ago
RgR49d ago

Same here. Can't wait to get my hands on the whole next gen package.

I get the anger over launch. But go get a refund and shut up. And if you didn't get a refund then a bigger shut up. You incurred no loss at all if you got a refund and therefore have forfeited your right to be angry any longer.
Perfectly acceptable to be disappointed of course. But the angry mob is childish.

Dee_9149d ago (Edited 49d ago )

if only money was the issue you'd be correct lol
but I dont see many people complaining about that issue..

RgR48d ago


And that makes even less sense.
Was CDPR on gofundme? Was everyone investing their money in it?

The game came out and if you didnt like it you could easily get a refund. Its a win for consumers since they get to play the story, maybe, and then refund.

I know that when I get my hands on it I wont be able to get a refund if i dont like it.

DarthSocio49d ago

Heard it's a poor game even beyond the bugs. Story wise, interaction etc it's very shallow.

TheColbertinator49d ago

The game is awesome but soooo broken on my computers. Buggiest game I've had since Assassins Creed Unity.

RgR49d ago

Right...i don't remember the backlash being as bad with unity... Where there any refunds offered?

cluclap49d ago

The backlash was pretty bad bro back then I definitely remember

TheColbertinator49d ago

Unity had heavy backlash especially on PC.

Ubisoft did give refunds for certain periods of time and many stores accepted refund requests from what I remember.

Eventually they gave away DLC that had a price near launch for free instead

Criticism was heavy and memes were made from the glitches

RgR48d ago

@Cluclap @TheColbertinator

Yes I know there was backlash but I dont recall the media going crazy about it like with cyberpunk.
It almost looks like some are hoping for CDPR to disappear.

Maywell49d ago

Just another good game, but not great. It is simply a cumulative things from good things have been existed in other open world and RPG games before, with punk theme.

R6ex49d ago

Will play this in 2022.

Dee_9149d ago

Same. I think they should have announced the game last year with a 2022 release date.

Gianoni3349d ago

Ive played for 10h on my ps4 fat and i really enjoy it - so i stopped to wait the patches.

However, its shame tha CEO and Adam consider the PC version fine regarding the artistic aspect. Its not just bugs and performance, there are a bunch of funcitions and asssets they must improve (ai, for instance).

Since them, ive become more scepitcal with the type of improvement they are working on; i can image they just fix some bugs and emphasis that this game is great this way, moving to their next projeto.

Another shame for CDPR

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