Super Meat Boy Forever (PC) Review | DarkZero

DarkZero writes:

Super Meat Boy Forever is brilliant at what it does. I’m already tired of seeing the constant flimsy criticisms surrounding it because “it’s an auto-runner” and “it’s not Super Meat Boy 2”, which is not at all a fair evaluation of the game on its own merits. Yes, it is an auto-runner, in the vein of Super Mario Run and so on, but it is the absolute pinnacle of that genre in terms of challenge, style, and mechanics innovations. And whilst it isn’t SMB2, it does push players to the absolute extreme of platforming execution and timing just like the original did just over a decade ago. Each of the five main worlds (and special sixth) incorporate totally fresh ideas and continue to build on them over their six-level spans, then further still over their dark world versions, that are infinitely more difficult. If you like demanding platforming, and I’d even go so far as to say puzzle solving for some of the more complex areas, give this one a shot. A real shot. And I guarantee you won’t be disappointed.

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