Doom Eternal Switch Tech Review: The Most Ambitious Port Yet... But Is It The Best?

Digital Foundry writes, "Join John Linneman for a deep dive into the remarkable Switch conversion of Doom Eternal, brought to us by the highly talented Panic Button. It's the most ambitious idTech port yet for the Nintendo console hybrid, and it's also the most performant! But has too much been cut from the game to make it viable?"

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waverider48d ago

Every game can run in any system. Its just a matter of cutting down the rez and effects. of course the experience isnt the same. of course this game is much, much better when its runs at 60 frames.

jonivtec48d ago

Its a point....there's a limit at what you can cut to a game....if the experience is not the same after all the compromise...then is it possible the port every game?

waverider48d ago

true. Im not saying the experience is the same. A game like doom is not even close running at 30 frames and at 60 frames, because of the action and madness. But the game will run...

47d ago
shabz66648d ago

Can't believe dev's like Billy Khan are under microsoft now, he was not pleased with the series s, I wonder what he can do to help engine development for their teams, because this iteration of the Id tech engine is highly scalable and just fantastic

waverider48d ago

of course he isnt. No devs is. Starting with the bandwith. Its a Huge problem to solve.

shabz66648d ago (Edited 48d ago )

Absolutely, the split ram bandwidth speed was his biggest issue, clearly series s is a little too undercooked out of the gate. Hopefully they can solve that with good dlss like tech from amd side. Low Texture resolution scaling is the only way they can keep this gen going if they even want to think about 4k 60fps on the big boy consoles

MetroidFREAK2148d ago

It is pretty crazy how well it runs on Switch... Even though this is a graphically compromised port, it is still clearly Doom Eternal and that is all that matters. I have been enjoying the Switch version very much. It can be a bit blurry, especially in handheld mode but it plays well enough to be enjoyable