RUMOR - GamePro lists new Wii titles

Consider this story 100% rumor until there is visual proof from GamePro.

This list supposedly comes from the latest GamePro issue (March), and was sent in to GoNintendo by reader The_legend_of_drtre.

*100 Bullets - Fall 2007*
Alive-TBA 2007, Ubisoft
Devil Kings Series - 2007 Capcom
Digimon- 2007 , Namco
DK bongo blast-spring 2007, Nintendo
Harry Potter and the order of the Phoenix- July, EA
Iron Man: The Movie, 2008, SEGA
Kirby- 2007 Nintendo
Legend of Dragon- 2007
Lost- 2007, Ubisoft
Machi Kuru Domino- 2007
Ratatouille- Fall 2007, THQ
*Mario Kart Wii- 2007, Nintendo*
*Pilot Wings -2007- Nintendo*
*Wii shooting- 2007*
*Wii motor sports airplane- 2007*
TNA impact- 2007, Midway
JAWA- 2007, spike
Wii music- October 2007
Space station Tycoon- Summer 2007- Namco
Dance Factory- March 2007
*Animal Crossing- 2007*
Raid over the River-2007
*Sadness- August- Nibris*

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