Best Performance of 2020

VGChartz's Lee Mehr: ""Sure, you have a script. But do you have an actor to sell it to an audience?" Along with Best VR Game of 2020, another new category joins VGChartz's GOTY Award list. It's a privilege to write this one too. Considering how complex and dialogue-heavy stories have become since the age of Zork, it makes sense to emphasize the value voice acting/acting brings to a role. Depending on the title, it's not just rehearsing for a two hour theater play; the density of some scripts could be over a movie trilogy's worth of lines. It can be a daunting task for veterans and newcomers alike. These nominees exemplify some of the best people arduously working in the industry today."

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Tiqila41d ago

If they introduced this category last year, then it would've been hard to decide between Norman Reedus and Mads Mikkelsen.

coolbeans41d ago

Reedus? I mean... he was just doing the dour tough guy shtick that could've been replaced with anyone else imo. Mads could've made more of a run though.

RgR41d ago

Not really.

You don't really get to know the new ellie and her decisions are just quite chaotic.

When did she become a killing machine and when did killing become a problem etc. It's top notch graphics with animations but the writing and character is poorly done. So many other more interesting characters out there in 2020

anast40d ago

I played the game a ton and there wasn't one time I was confused about her decisions. Did I agree with them? No. But that didn't make any of them confusing.

People growing up in a world like that with what she has been through, her job in Jackson and her mentor does more than suggest she knew how to and was more than comfortable doing heinous things. Killing became a problem when her revenge reached a senseless climax (the people she once cared about began to disappear in the face of self serving revenge), so what was left of her humanity began to influence some reflection.

The writing was clean and top-notch for a video game.

Would you care to offer any actual evidence?

Which other character was more interesting and why?