12 Games to be excited for in 2021

Dan Rizzo Says: "2021 is shaping to be one of gaming’s greatest years in quite sometime. The last we saw a similar delivery within the medium was almost four years ago. [...] But as for what I am personally anticipating, here are 12 Games to be excited for in 2021."

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psuedo51d ago

Vampire The Masquerade 2 Bloodlines. It's going to come in and show Cyberpunk how it's done.

Michiel198950d ago

thats what they said about CP77 they will show bethesda how it's done and here we are :)
Totalbiscuit's advice still holds up to do this day, or rather his motto: We do NOT pre-order!

DashGamer50d ago

That's an interesting take. Excited for it none-the-less.

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Fist4achin50d ago

It will be definitely a year for the gamers. Now if we could only get more next gen consoles out for the demand...

JustTheFax50d ago

The only semi-exciting one for me on that list is Bowser's Fury.

Nerdmaster50d ago

Yeah, this list is kind of disappointing, especially since the article starts with "2021: A Gaming Renaissance..."
But it depends on taste, really. For example, I'm much more excited for Rune Factory 5 than anything on that list.

DashGamer50d ago

To each, their own. I can respect that.


Ratchet and Clank all day!