Xbox Series S|X Is a 'F*cking Confusing Name', Swears Josef Fares

Josef Fares, creative director of A Way Out and the upcoming It Takes Two, threw another of his rants to complain about Microsoft's naming pattern for the Xbox Series consoles.

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Cybermario40d ago

for a reason many ordered the previous gen instead the series x xD

Tacoboto40d ago

I wonder if that's why MS discontinued Xbox One X & SAD before Fall - reduce the impact of the confusion.

"These names suck, you guys."
"You came up with them!"

bouzebbal40d ago

Xbox in itself sounds like a codename, they never made it to find a name for the OG xbox

SullysCigar40d ago

The discontinued them, but they (certainly the One X at least) were still in stock for purchase for quite some time after that.

Their naming conventions are complete nonsense lol

Tech540d ago (Edited 40d ago )

they're just names. i doubt anyone could find reasons on other console names as well like Atari, Interton, Amstrad, Action Max, or Sega's Mark III which they never made a Mark 2 or Mark 1. Or the PS Vita which is also just a name.

40d ago
RpgSama39d ago

It's not confusing by itself, it's confusing because of what came before, they should have thought of something better.

DJStotty38d ago


The xbox one X, and the xbox one S DE were both discontinued before the launch of xbox series S and X.

How anyone could order the previous generation is beyond me. The only consoles available to buy are :-

Xbox One S
Xbox Series S
Xbox Series X

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cell98940d ago

They suck at naming their consoles. It’s cringe

JEECE40d ago

360 was actually a decent name, considering they wanted to avoid "PlayStation 3" against "Xbox 2," but it didn't provide them with a way to move forward. I mean, they couldn't exactly call the next console the "Xbox 720," given the number 720 being so associated with a resolution that was no longer considered acceptable in 2013.

SullysCigar40d ago

Given what happened at launch, they certainly could have called the Xbox One the Xbox 180...

Calling the third Xbox the Xbox One was just ridiculous.

ActualWhiteMan40d ago

Best it could output was 720... I think they missed a good opportunity

northpaws40d ago

I think they have to avoid those silly terms and give XBox a normal name...

"X", "360", "One" were all trendy naming terms that feel extremely outdated after a while.

When you put a the names together, you have no way to tell which is the latest one, or even which is a more powerful one.

For example "PS4 Pro" obviously is a higher end version of "PS4", but what the heck are S and X.

XbladeTeddy40d ago

"360 was actually a decent name"

It's a crap name, they may as well have gone full retard and called it Xbox 360HD shitballz!

CobraKai40d ago

I liked Xbox360. Everyone ended calling it the 360 which was pretty cool.

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Gamist2dot040d ago

It gets worse when you're trying to watch video comparisons between current gen and last gen. Hearing the commentators explain the difference to even the labels they have to differentiate the two gens was confusing as hell.

JackBNimble40d ago

You could say the same thing for Nintendo, there is nothing obvious that differentiates previous generations .

Snookies1239d ago (Edited 39d ago )

Whaaa-? That's not true at all. NES, SNES, N64 Gamecube, Wii and Switch are all completely different names and vastly different in design. Not confusing in the slightest. Aside from the Wii U, which was an odd choice in name. If you're not going to go for the numbered entry route like Sony, at least Nintendo gave theirs entirely different names. I don't know what Microsoft is even thinking anymore with their naming schemes lol. I browse gaming news all the time, and even I have to stop and think sometimes as to which Xbox is the newest one. Is it Series X? One X? X S? (Yes, I know which one it actually is, but most consumers are not going to be able to figure it out.)

Duke1940d ago

Any 1 Item that has "Series" in the title just sounds dumb

northpaws40d ago

It just makes it hard to communicate about Xbox as well ... Now I type XBox Series X to refer to the latest XBox, and some people would do XBSX, and then some do XB S|X to refer to this gen's consoles...

But everyone refer Nintendo Switch as "Switch" and "PlayStation 5" as "PS5"... zero confusion.


They should have just went with a number. Xbox, Xbox 2, 3, 4, etc. I also believe there should have been one console only from Sony and MS. The $499 option with the disc drive.

someone7240d ago

Im very happy sony opted to deliver a diskless version. I have absolutely no need for a disk drive in either of my consoles.

I just wish ms released the series x without one. Im very happy with my series s, but the x could have been improved by removing it.

LucasRuinedChildhood40d ago

Not releasing a digital PS5 makes zero sense. For Sony it means they cut out the middle man and get more profit per copy, and a cheaper console lowers the barrier to entry. Most people are buying games digitally now so it's a nice option, and unlike something like the Series S, it will have zero impact on game development

NotoriousWhiz40d ago

Pretty soon they'll probably use the same naming scheme as everything else. Just tack the year onto it.

Xbox 2025 (or Xbox 25)