GotGame | Cyberpunk 2077 (PC) Review

After spending over 100 hours in Night City, GotGame finally gives their full impressions on Cyberpunk 2077 in their review.

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Father__Merrin44d ago

It's clearly not that good of a game I'd go elsewhere and give this a miss. Mabey it drops to £15 on gog one day


It's a shame how half arsed it is. The main story missions are OK barring the odd one feeling unfinished or buggy.
But what saddens me is how boring it is in the open world. The driving is meh so I tend to fast travel.
The traversal on foot is good but lack of reward for exploration really.
The NPC's lack any life or character and none interact.
It does make you appreciate GTA

Knightofelemia44d ago (Edited 44d ago )

I see this game hitting the $20 bin fairly soon it didn't take long for ME Andromeda to go down in price same with AC Unity.