Here are the Games Coming Exclusively to Xbox in 2021

From Xbox Wire: "2021 will be a fantastic year to be an Xbox fan. The Xbox Series X and Xbox Series S have launched, so we’re officially going full steam ahead into the next generation of gaming. Catch ya later, 2020!

Of course, no matter the year, it’s always about the games. In 2021, creators around the world will tap deeper into the power of Xbox Series X|S and bring a massive variety of content to Xbox players. We anticipate this to be the most exciting generation yet for developers and players alike, with something for every kind of gamer. While we have so much more in store, both from our talented partners and our creative teams at Microsoft, we figured that now would be the perfect time to take a closer look at the announced games that are launching as console exclusives on Xbox Series X|S and Xbox One X|S."

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Nyxus40d ago

The Yakuza Remastered Collection...? And Yakuza 6? Exclusive?

RazzerRedux40d ago

Yeah....what the hell is that all about?

Nyxus40d ago

I think I get it. "Here are the Games Coming Exclusively to Xbox in 2021". Meaning, it's only coming to Xbox in 2021, because it already released for PS4 in 2020. lol

Godmars29040d ago

If Xbox fans are to type, many are likely unaware what's on the PS4/5.

bouzebbal40d ago

Lol so ff7r isn't coming to xbox at all 🤣

RazzerRedux40d ago

That's a new low for Microsoft's Xbox PR.

SullysCigar40d ago

Yup, looks like they forgot the PC tag on the article or to mention there are actually ZERO Xbox exclusives... Pretty careless of them, as people might think they're being

Profchaos40d ago

I don't get it either but at least they exclusive in the article.just that they are excited about them

ocelot0740d ago

That's just so pathetic lol 😂😂😂. They need to pad the list out by putting a none cosole exclusive in there because they are excited for it 😂😂😂 28514;😂😂㈳ 4;.

RazzerRedux40d ago (Edited 40d ago )

"These ones aren’t technically exclusive"

*Technically*, none of the games listed are exclusive at all.

This thing went from "coming exclusively to xbox" in the title to "launching as console exclusives" in the second paragraph to including "technically not exclusive" games.

This article was just stupid.

Profchaos40d ago

For everyone disagreeing I don't think it's right they used the title either I was more just acknowledging that it's weird to put that title then say well technically they are not

NeoGamer23240d ago

If you actually read the text below the game header they admit it is not exclusive. Just worth noting because these Yakuza games have never been on XB.

Nyxus40d ago

How about them just not calling them exclusive?

NeoGamer23240d ago

Yup. Agreed. Title sucks.

Chevalier40d ago

If you read the title it actually says EXCLUSIVELY. So that's just f'n idiotic.

Notellin40d ago

"These ones aren’t technically exclusive, but it’s the first time these games are coming to Xbox and Xbox Game Pass, so we’re pretty excited."

The quote directly following their introduction in the article. You're welcome.

Nyxus40d ago

Still stupid to call it exclusive. It's just not.

Milkshake21240d ago

Then don't call it exclusive.

RazzerRedux40d ago (Edited 40d ago )

"Games Coming Exclusively to Xbox in 2021"

Quoted directly from the title.

And as I pointed out in another post, NONE of the games listed are "technically" exclusive to Xbox at all.

You're welcome.

Notellin39d ago

Wow the hate flows strong amongst these fanboys. Just quoting the article settle down.

RazzerRedux39d ago (Edited 39d ago )


Says the fanboy pretending the TITLE is not claiming the article contains Xbox exclusives.

"You're welcome."

Don't say "settle down" when you were the smart ass to begin with.

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Om4ever40d ago

@nyxus You did not read the article... The author says it's not an exclusive... Only the first time on xbox

Nyxus40d ago

You're right I didn't read it. Doesn't change the fact that it's a downright misleading headline.

Milkshake21240d ago (Edited 40d ago )

Then why say it's exclusive in the headline when it is not?

Chevalier40d ago

It says launching exclusively so that can also mean its launching on Xbox, but, isn't exclusive to Xbox. So much play on words here. Its pretty pathetic

gravedigger40d ago (Edited 40d ago )

How an official Xbox site can be sooo MISLEADING and DELIBERATELY lying people. Some games are, for example, Little Witch (already announced for Switch and PS4) and Yakuza on PS4. I mean, WTF is wrong with Xbox?
Not to mention bunch of games will appear on PC ( Steam)

Extermin8or3_40d ago

They will all appear on pc. Xbox technically has no exclusives anymore if you count pc.

Bathyj40d ago

Put a W at the beginning and a ? at the end.

Title fixed.

SullysCigar40d ago

Lmao nicely done, sir!

Although that would represent the gamers and that's not Microsoft's style anymore.

RazzerRedux40d ago

"Where-are-the-games-comi ng-exclusively-to-xbox-in-2021? "

lol...that's hilarious

40d ago
CaptainHenry91639d ago (Edited 39d ago )

The Medium too. That's only a timed exclusive.

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sushimama40d ago

Sorry dudes but Sony's 2021 list wrecks that.

Sony's real true exclusives alone destroy that, and that's not even counting the 'timed' exclusives that Sony has nailed down.

2021 is going to be Sony's year. But MS will still do well I have no doubt.

Mr Logic40d ago

Returnal, R&C, GT7 and....what?

Not saying they're bad games, but those are pretty specific genres that, to me personally, don't appeal at all.

potatoseal40d ago (Edited 40d ago )

This list doesn't include all the interesting Indies as well like 'Little Devil Inside'

Horizon: Forbidden West
God of War: Ragnarok
Kena: Bridge of Spirits (timed)
Ghostwire Tokyo (timed)
Ratchet and Clank
Gran Tourismo 7
Deathloop (timed)
Destruction All Stars
Oddworld: Soulstorm (timed)
Stray (timed)

NOT TO MENTION, the ones that have just released in the last 2 months

Spider-Man Miles Morales
Demon's Souls
Astro's Playroom

Nodoze40d ago

No way that GT releases this year. Not gonna happen. Unless they intend to release another hollow shell of a game that they intend to add to. Polyphony is not what it once was. They have well and truly lost the plot.

Releasing a total single game the entire PS4 generation. Uno. One. That 's it.

TheTony31640d ago

As of right now.

GT7, R&C, Horizon 2, God of War 2, Destruction Allstars, Kena, Ghostwire and Returnal

40d ago
Dragonscale39d ago

Ooh thats such a shame logic. Maybe Sony should consult you in future to make sure you personally approve their release schedule lol.

BEASELY39d ago

Timed exclusives hardly count

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NeoGamer23240d ago

Sony definitely has advertised Returnal, R&C, Horizon, GoW, and GT (I think a few more too, but can't remember).

And on the third party the games look great too.

If they deliver half those games, they have this year locked up for sure!

chiefJohn11740d ago

Sony always shows games years away to make it seem like the year is stacked. Not all those games are 2021

NeoGamer23240d ago

Sony has stated all of these games for 2021.

Horizon, Destruction All-Stars, Returnal, and R&C are supposed to be in the first half of this year.

GoW for the holidays.

GT just got delayed out of the first half a couple weeks ago.

FanboysKiller40d ago

It's not the right time to go on public and declare games delays , they know that cause it will hurt their brand, fall year is when peoples been forgiving and sceptical .

majiebeast40d ago

yeah chief not like MS just showed a bunch of CGI trailers for games that are 2023 and probably even later cause xbox studios can barely get a game out and if they do its a 60.

NeoGamer23239d ago

XB Games that shipped in the past 12 months that were either Microsoft published or developed.

Ori and the Will of the Wisps - Metacritic 90
Minecraft Dungeons - Metacritic 72
Bleeding Edge - Metacritic 66
Gears Tactics - Metacritic 80
Flight Simulator - Metacritic 91
Wasteland 3 - Metacritic 79

You don't seem to have much facts on your side other then bleeding edge (For the past year).

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343_Guilty_Spark40d ago

Why do you feel the need to compare Sony to Xbox?

Let me help you...PlayStation will have better exclusives for Sony users for the entire generation.

You are welcome. Now you don't have to post anymore.

PS-Gamer-198640d ago (Edited 40d ago )

"Let me help you...PlayStation will have better exclusives for Sony users for the entire generation."

Let me fix that for you....Playstation will have better exclusives for the vast majority of console gamers for the entire generation (3:1 easy )

RazzerRedux40d ago (Edited 40d ago )

"launching as console exclusives on Xbox Series X|S and Xbox One X|S"


And this title for the article would be just as accurate:

"Here are the Games Coming Exclusively to PC in 2021"

Mr Logic40d ago

That's not even the half of it. MS has used the terminology "Xbox launch exclusive" (rearrange it however you want) on games that came to PS4 less than 6 months later.

GottaBjimmyb39d ago (Edited 39d ago )

So like Deathloop, Kena, FFVII remake, stray, oddworld, Ghostwire, etc, etc, etc? With a few on that list coming to PC day and date.

To be clear I only have a PS5, no series X. but the talking points in this comment section are sad, and hypocritical.

Mr Logic38d ago


What are you on about? If you want to say Timed Exclusives are bad, then I'm with you, but that's not what is being talked about. I'm talking about deceptive language where MS makes it seem like it is a permanent exclusive, when it very much isn't.

NeoGamer23240d ago (Edited 40d ago )

We all know that XB does not have exclusive games to a OS or console platform. That just does not exist.

Guess maybe the marketing would be more....

"These are PS excluded games"?

*Except Yakuza and Psychonauts 2 of course*

LOL. OK I am confused.

Vits40d ago (Edited 40d ago )

This one is all over the place. First they say exclusive to the Xbox in the tittle, just to later adress them as "console exclusives". So I would argue that this title is alrady misleading. But the article itself is even worse with games that are not exclusives at all . Like Yakuza and Psychonauts 2. And they even said in the Psychonauts 2 description that it's not a exclusive but is coming to Game Pass.

This is just terrible.

monkey60240d ago

Tunic, Scorn, The Medium, 12 minutes, Echo Generation, The Big Con and Song of Iron look great I am looking forward to those. Some i didn't realise were Xbox exclusive either.

Still they are somewhat niche titles and hardly going to win Xbox over a lot console sales this year. I'd hoped they'd have a lot a more big titles ready in 2021