Call of Duty Is Best-Selling Gaming Franchise for 12 Straight Years in US

Call of Duty franchise is the best-selling franchise for 12 straight years in the US.

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Sgt_Slaughter51d ago

This is why the series will never fully be fixed because no matter how poor the gameplay is and no matter how many issues each game has, people blindly throw $60+ every time at Activision.

JustTheFax51d ago

What needs to be fixed? The only thing I have wanted them to add to the series was destructible environments, but I know that's not happening.

shabz66651d ago

Might happen with new consoles, it’s probably quiet difficult to keep the input latency so low with high framerates of cod with a slow cpu like the Last gen. Hopefully cods coming down the line this gen start to implement some destruction. But most likely not at the expense of the fast responsive controls.

Kabaneri51d ago

Cold War sucks so much it feels like MW is the newer one.

JustTheFax51d ago

@Kabaneri I haven't played MW because it is still so expensive so I can't compare it. But I have enjoyed Cold War so far. The campaign was pretty cool. I really only play hardcore TDM in multiplayer. Haven't tried zombies yet except for Arcade mode. Now I want to check out MW though!

NeoGamer23250d ago

Ya, I took three years off of buying CoD. Cold War's campaign looked interesting so I picked it up during Christmas/New Year's sales. Got to three chapters in and was extremely disappointed. As I said, I took three years off and the AI was pretty much exactly the same, the gameplay was pretty much exactly the same, and each mission felt like just a variant of some mission I have played in the past. I like the series, but I won't be buying it near full price in the future. At least a 50% discount before I buy it going forward.

Michiel198950d ago

I had the same, after modern warfare 2 I didn't buy any untill I had a ps4 and thought hey lets give CoD a shot again. Bought Advanced Warfare and it felt like the exact same game with some gadgets tacked onto it, returned it to the store within a couple of days. Haven't touched a CoD game since then

ThePacemaker51d ago (Edited 51d ago )

That is not completely true. In 2013 GTAV was #1.

Ezio204851d ago

Similarly in 2018, it was RDR2. Even I don't understand this statement.

Timzster51d ago

Seconding the replies on GTAV and RDR2.

UnSelf51d ago

They may not be counting GTAV as a franchise though they should

Tacoboto51d ago

Remember that COD as a franchise generally has two games selling constantly the entire year. GTAV and RDR2 being the best-selling games their release year doesn't make them higher earners than [COD New Year + COD Last Year].

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shabz66651d ago (Edited 51d ago )

Despite all the criticism cod gets for lack of innovation, the controls for cod are tight and responsive and it’s a great shooter to control and play. 60fps in shooters should be essential and cod along with ex cod devs respawns titanfall and apex, along with Id softwares new doom all excel at this.

Kaii51d ago

Definition of Insanity, don't expect anything different.

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The story is too old to be commented.