Get This Free RE Village Avatar for PS4/PS5; Resident Evil 25th Anniv. Closed Beta Sign Ups Now Live

Capcom is giving away a free Resident Village avatar for PS4/PS4 for US accounts! Closed beta sign ups for an unannounced game now live.

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The sign up process for this beta is BEYOND FRUSTRATING.

eddieistheillest48d ago

Yup , I got the email yesterday and said f*** that lol

excaliburps48d ago

What is it for though? Outbreak 2?

Moe-Gunz48d ago

Yeah I backed away. Too annoying.

CrimsonWing6948d ago

How do you sign up? I made a Capcom ID but then it redirects me to a Japanese site. I just don’t understand how to fill out the form when it asks me to sign in with Capcom ID, but then brings you to a Japanese site. Beyond frustrating.

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marcuzgungeze1048d ago


Make sure you have like a solid 5 minutes. It will be worth it.

toyzombie48d ago

Never been through a beta processed that is beyong confusing. I gave up. Lol

crxss47d ago

why would anyone want this as their avatar....

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