NPD reveals the best-selling games of 2020 in the U.S.

The best-selling games of 2020 features a lot of Call of Duty, Nintendo, and other familiar names as sales soared through the year.

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Nyxus52d ago

“The Last of Us: Part II now ranks as the third best-selling Sony-published game in U.S. history in dollar sales, trailing only Marvel’s Spider-Man, and 2018’s God of War.”


potatoseal52d ago

There are youtubers that tried to say the game didn't sell well at all. They tried to say that the initial 4 million pre-order sales were all hype, then after the first week, sales then dropped off a cliff and the game was a failure.

OH HOW WRONG THEY WERE. Lets hope they report on this, but you know they won't. The success of The Last Of Us part 2 does not fit their narrative.

Nyxus52d ago

I just saw a sad little tweet about how the game was 'crushed' in sales by Ghost of Tsushima, and how much of a loser Druckmann was. Those people still seem to be seething over the game's success.

Elda51d ago (Edited 51d ago )

These envious folks will come up with lies,denial & delusion. The TLOU2 was a success.

51d ago
potatoseal51d ago (Edited 51d ago )

I saw Angry Jow say it would not sell well past it's initial launch and saying that after pre-orders, the sales would then tank.

51d ago
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whitbyfox51d ago (Edited 51d ago )

And got it’s ass kicked by Nintendo in sales. Not nice!

potatoseal51d ago

PS4 has sold more than the Switch by around 50 million

In the 7 weeks since the PS5 has launched, the PS5 is outselling the Switch world wide in that time frame. With only limited stock.

whitbyfox51d ago

The Switch will catch up to PS4 easily.

A new console always sells fast at launch.

Neonridr51d ago

@potatoseal - the Switch is tracking above the PS4 currently if you align launches. Yes the demand for PS5 is high.

potatoseal51d ago

@ Neon, yeah, and it's a hand-held with no competition that purposefully did not launch alongside Sony of MS.

The vast majority of Switch owners also own a PS4 or Xbox One. It's a companion handheld to go alongside a PS4. Show me a person that only owns a Switch and no other last gen console, and I'll show a person that's in a small minority.

septemberindecember51d ago


The Switch also suffered from shortages. I'm not sure why you are acting like this is unique to PS5.

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potatoseal52d ago

Well done to Miles Morales. It was just released in November and made the top 20 highest selling games of the entire year coming in at number 12.

And some sales guesstimation speculation articles and reddit threads tried to say the game flopped. Of course it didn't sell as well as Spider-Man, but it's a raging success.

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IRetrouk52d ago

Seems like everyone's eating, cant ask for more🤷‍♂️

Redemption-6452d ago

Some people are not going to be happy seeing You know what on that list. They will more than likely say, Sony is paying them and the list is rigged.

CantThinkOfAUsername52d ago

Anyone thinking The Last of Us Part II isn't going to sell very well is delusional. What I am interested in, however, is how its sequel (if exists) will perform. People who played it don't seem to talk about it as much as the first game.

Nyxus52d ago

I'm sure if there is another The Last of Us game, I'm sure it will do well, considering how The Last of Us Part II received by far the most game of the year awards in 2020:

JEECE51d ago

Lol are you kidding? For months people couldn't stop talking about it. Even the people who supposedly hated it couldn't stop talking about it.

outsider162451d ago

I remember them saying this game will ve forgotten in a month. 7 months now and they're still talking about it. I have seen it.

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P_Bomb51d ago

There was just an article on it the other day. A lot of ppl are still waiting for the MP.

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KeenBean34552d ago

I'm so happy Tony Hawk Pro Skater made the top 20, the game is perfect and everything a remake should be so I cant wait for them to hopefully remake 3 &4 as well as the underground series.

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