15 Best Games of the 8th Console Generation

Gaming Bolt writes: The eighth console generation was a time of plentiful bounty. Across genres and platforms, from small developers and large, from all corners of the industry, there has been something to love for everyone these last few years. There have been more than a few games that can legitimately be considered as all-time greats, and though the industry at large is now waiting with bated breath to see whether the era of the PS5 and the Xbox Series X/S will deliver the goods in the same way their predecessors did, here, we’re going to pause and look back at the last few years. These are the best games of the previous console generation.

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148d ago Replies(1)
LucasRuinedChildhood148d ago

Not a bad list.

It would be nice if games like The Talos Principle could appear on lists like these, but I suppose a lot of people just don't care for puzzle games. Outer Wilds has gotten some attention though.

potatoseal148d ago

I adore puzzle games. Talos was good, but The Witness was a Masterpiece.

XabiDaChosenOne148d ago

Replace Ghost of Tsushima with The Last of Us 2 and you got a decent list

Vx_148d ago

And why should I go through 15 pages to read the list?

potatoseal148d ago

Exactly, I ain't clicking through dat shit