Loot Ninja Review: Fieldrunners (iPhone/iPod Touch)

Loot Ninja writes:

"Version 1.0 of Fieldrunners arrived at the App Store back in October. At that time it was a great game but was without audio and only included a single map. Even with these shortcomings, the game was a huge success. Subatomic Studios has listened to their fans and brought version 1.1.1 down the pipeline with all sorts of game play enhancements and features. Could this single update bring new life to an already great iPhone/iPod touch game? The answer is a resounding yes."

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fiercescuba3700d ago

if they made an ipod touch for kids, would it be called a kid touch?

think about it.

MIA3700d ago

Most kids I know have an ipod Touch.

kevanio093700d ago

Fieldrunners is brilliant, just needs more maps and more towers to be perfect.

dubbalubagis3700d ago

Absolutely. Your one sentence says it all. As long as they keep the updates coming all will be well.