WoW Faces Too Many Death Knights

For many, the arrival of the new Wrath of the Lich King expansion represented brand new content, mobs, areas and endless possibilities for those that had been sitting at level 70 for some time. It also presented a brand new class of characters for those to try their hand at and change up the pace, the new Death Knight. The Death Knight is a hybrid character that can best be described as an undead warrior that post WoTLK can now be started at level 55 and be leveled fairly quickly.

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fiercescuba3703d ago

Could be worse. Could be Night Elf Mohawks.

taz80803703d ago

Are you implying that Mr T does not know computers!

taz80803703d ago

Death Knights have been greeted with a lot of mixed reviews. Some love them others hate them with a passion.

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