Cloud VS Sephiroth - Dissidia is Going to be Fricken Cool writes "One more reason to hang on to your PSP! Dissidia is an upcoming action RPG/fighting hybrid game from Square Enix, featuring every Final Fantasy main protagonist and antagonist from FF1 to 10. Square saved the most beloved characters to reveal last. The gameplay looks abundantly fun. It seems that the numbers at the sides don't represent the characters' HP, but something called "brave points", which determines attack power. There are two kinds of attacks in the game, assist and HP. Assist attacks will reduce your opponents brave points and add to your own, while HP attacks do the damage."

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meepmoopmeep3697d ago

no fricken duh! n_n

nice site though.

LokMessier3697d ago

Every time I see that fight I get hyped :D.

When is the US release date that's all I want to know now :(

gamesmaster3697d ago

its like smash bros on steroids with your fav FF chrcters!?!?! i need this.. so do the rest of you, if this has online play, i'll sh!t a brick!!!

Foxgod3697d ago

cool game :), must play on my psp.
However, it would be nice if they include some secret characters as well, i want to see General Leo from FF6 on the evil side.
And the bunny broad from FF12 on the good one.

INehalemEXI3697d ago

Fran, yes nice. Was playing FF12 the other day still have not finished that 1.

ChampIDC3697d ago

Nice to see someone suggest General Leo. I bloody love that guy. It's a shame you hardly get to see him in FF6.

socomnick3697d ago

They both lose because they re both emo premadonnas.

Master chief pwns them both in the rear.

0verdrive3697d ago

wow, seriously? to sephiroth master chief looks like a crying 6 year old little girl. seriously, master chief is about as heroic as a c0ckroach.

xenogamer3697d ago

maybe, but cloud was all depressed even before ppl started using emo as a phrase and those stupid kids started to look all weird, but sephiroth? whats emo about him? hes just a bamf walking around killing ppl, nothing emo about him... i hate emo kids btw...

socomnick3697d ago

fine sephiroth is a momas boy. :)

0verdrive3697d ago

that was an awesome vid, except i had no idea what the hell was going on. lol.

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The story is too old to be commented.