Digital Life Review: Gears of War 2

Digital Life: "Designer Cliff Bleszinski promised Gears2 would be "bigger, better, and more badass", and he's nailed it. Just don't expect anything radically different to its popular predecessor and you are guaranteed a great time.

The biggest improvement in this bombastic, impeccably presented shooter is the pace and variety of the rollercoaster campaign, which is enjoyed solo or with a friend. It's constantly varying the objectives, settings, scale and tempo as you save mankind from the alien Locust Horde.

As before, careful use of cover is essential during the intense and exhilarating battles, although you can use a felled enemy as a "meat shield" for temporary protection or even duck behind slow-moving "rockworms" with bulletproof hides. Just be wary of foes such as the scurrying suicide bombers ("Tickers") that quickly penetrate your defences."

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