The return of Peter Moore

From "The word 'veteran' can sometimes be used a little too liberally when it comes to labelling video games execs, but it's certainly appropriate for Peter Moore.

After working in the sportswear industry, Moore joined Sega way back in 1998, contributing to work on the Dreamcast and eventually rising to president and COO for the Japanese publisher's North American operations. He later left to spend four years at Microsoft, where he helped build the Xbox business and announced release dates with tattoos on his arm."

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Shalashaska2042d ago

The best Games in Xbox Gaming History, is not a hack. Xbox360 still has the best games library compared to combined games library of ps4 and xbox one. 2013 to present micro transaction malware still infects ps4/ps5, 100gb of patches and early/beta access of games is ridiculous.

Newmanator43d ago

All I think of when I see his face is Red Ring of Death

Shalashaska2042d ago

xbox360 slim e still holds incredibly well in 2021 unlike Ps3 super slim, ps3 slim, ps3 phat still has terrible loadtimes, 5-10 mins of mandatory installs of games, horrible loadtimes in 2021 is unacceptable. Ps3 and 3ds hardware still sucksn in 2021.

LM121342d ago

the heck the 360 slim still holds up. i never turn mine cuz it cuts off randomly. about to just chuck it. and had two rrod on the originals. quit you're trying to act like it was so much better but it really wasn't to say it has the best lineup is hot air.
.more games sure, better none of those games would hold up well compared to GOW, TLOU and such others. get that your an xbox fan but lets keep things in perspective
as far as load times, bigger games and better textures of course the installs times were better back then there was a lot less data on them

Shalashaska2042d ago (Edited 42d ago )

You have Phat xbox360 rrod. I have Xbox360 slim e console still beats loadtimes of all version of ps3 and ps4. Go compare ps3/ps4 and xbox360 slim e loadtimes and tell me im wrong. Ps3 super slim can hold 16 games for 500gb, 100gb reserved for game installs, hahahahahaha! Xbox360 slim e 500gb holds over 200 games and load games in under a minute vs ps3 5-10 mins mandatory game installs. Ps4 loadtimes around 2 mins of verifying online drm, hahahahahahaha! Go compare and let's see who's wrong. Im a Ps fan, look at my gamer picture, hahahahaha.

Newmanator42d ago

Alright man I wasn’t saying Xbox sucks just that he was in all the headlines around the time of the RROD fiasco. I got both the RROD and the PS3 “yellow light of death” back then.

Tacoboto43d ago

I'm not into Sports gaming really but I miss gaming executives with that energy and passion he had with Xbox.

Phil Spencer we know likes games, but Xbox struggled last gen and half their games sucked. We know Jim Ryan likes money, but PS games turned out the best.

DethWish43d ago

Father of the console war? 😀

Shalashaska2042d ago

Peter Moore still hold best xbox games lineup in it's history.