Gears of War 2 Suggestions

Epic's official site already has one but Aeropause wants to start a list because they have some issues with this near-perfect Xbox 360 game, in multiplayer mode.

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PS360PCROCKS4899d ago

awesome, I get a chance to vent on some annoying issues

Marriot VP4899d ago

Alright, lets go

-4 person online coop, same as before play and join seamlessly
-8-16 multi
-A few more guns

CAPS LOCK4899d ago

what else...bring the game to erm but seriously

-more vehicles
-more guns
-longer game(8 hours on medium mode is crap)
-have female soldiers
-mini missions
-summon monsters
-transform into vehicles
-when all your ammo runs out, fight like wwe superstars. e.g ddt and stone cold stunner.
-be able to fly
-streetfighter combos and super moves
-get to be another race example alien race which can hold 12 guns...i will come up with more later.

nicodemus4899d ago

And CAPS LOCK, why don't you try actually playing the game before you make ridiculous suggestions on how to improve it, or are you being stupid on purpose?

Here are my suggestions: (don't get me wrong, Gears of War is good, but these problems have become an ever increasing annoyance the more I play the game.

1. Get rid of "Spectating" - I generally don't like to sit and watch an entire round from the sidelines just because someone sniped me in the head in the first ten seconds. It takes away from the flow of the game, and more importantly, it's BORING.

2. Adopt the Halo matchmaking system - Halo 2 STILL has the best matchmaking system of any console game. Gears of War uses the same lame system that ALL the other 360 games use (co-op is still good though). I think the Halo 2 style of matchmaking should be a requirement in every 360 game. If I wanted the miserable setup where you pick your "host" and all that stuff, I wouldn't pay for Live, I'd get a PS3 (not really, but you get my point). In fact, if it weren't for Halo 2 and the inevitable Halo 3, I'd probably downgrade to a silver account - that's how frustrating the "host" setup is to me.

3. Better freedom of movement - The controls are very intuitive, but the way your character moves just seems... slow. For Gears 2, they should take out the roll move (except from cover-to-cover) and instead, make Marcus faster and add the ability to jump (not too high, but enough to get over short barriers). It would be a tough balance to find so that the game wasn't completely transformed, but with a slight tweak here and there, Marcus could be faster and more agile, while still preserving the flavor of the original Gears.

4. Weapons/Explosives - Add a flame thrower and another type of grenade. Also put a similar bayonet comparable to the chainsaw but for the locust machine gun (maybe a laser or something that melts the other guy in half.

5. More custimization for multiplayer - Weapon sets, health settings, cloaking, and of course game variants, like capture the flag!

TheSadTruth4898d ago

allow higher sensitivity.. having people run faster then you can aim your reticle is complete bullshi*

PS360PCROCKS4898d ago

um it does in the options menu you can change all that stuff

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