Pirate RPG King of Seas Releases February 18th for PS4, Xbox One, Switch, PC; New Trailer Released

3DClouds has announced today that players will be able to fly their skull and crossbones in the pirate RPG King of Seas from February 18th, 2021 for PS4, Xbox One, Nintendo Switch, and PC. The game will also be playable on PS5 and Xbox Series X|S thanks to backwards compatibility.

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SDuck52d ago

And this is what I pay internet services for lol

Kabaneri52d ago

Whatever happened to that Ubisoft pirate ship game?

Darkborn52d ago

It got super delayed after it was found out to basically be a reskin of the black flag ship combat but with a few more features.

SDuck52d ago

It's unknown if it's delayed or cancelled. Some reports I read said Ubisoft would focus solely on built franchises for a while

Unknown_Gamer579452d ago

Translation: Ubisoft is another company who would much rather coast on what makes them quick and easy money than attempt to take any kind of risk. Well, hey, they can make Star Wars games now. I just don't see them trying anything new anytime soon when they don't need to make nearly as much effort to rake in cash.

ZeekQuattro52d ago

It's in the same development hell as the that roller derby type game they announced a year or so ago.

Christopher52d ago

That trailer was useless in selling me on the game.

Unknown_Gamer579452d ago

So...a game trailer. I have to agree that game trailers in general seem to be insufficient...but I do have to give this one credit. It's only a 30 second trailer, and while it would have been nice to see more, it did show a lot more actual gameplay than I've seen in my fair share of longer trailers for AAA games.

Christopher52d ago

So, a good overview video to watch for this game can be found here:

Seems like a mix of Civilization and 2.5 top-down RPG at sea. Not as "action-y" as the trailer makes it out to be as battles are pretty prolonged.

DaveZero52d ago

This has no co op or multiplayer from what I read on the net as the steam version rates it singleplayer. Shame really looks like the kind of game that could be played with online players.

glennhkboy52d ago

Sea of Thief is such the game, & it is not a very good one.

Killer73nova51d ago

Just try sea of theives. Not my cup of tea just because it’s a game I rather play with friends but they rather play something else.

glennhkboy49d ago

That is the reason I don't like co-op focus games.

Killer73nova48d ago

@Glennhkboy yeah I was super excited for sea of theives that I actually bought it because my friends were going to also but they bailed and I got screwed 😂 now if we want to play a co op game it’s gonna be through gamepass