Final Fantasy 10's Opening Is The Best In The Series

From TheGamer: "Those ten words kick off one of the biggest JRPGs ever. 2001's Final Fantasy X marked a bold new direction for the franchise, taking cues from the more modern VII and VIII to make something unlike anything the series had seen before. The game, which was Yoshinori Kitase's last directorial effort before transitioning to a production role, would go on to sell over 8 million copies on the PS2 alone."

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Knightofelemia44d ago

Great game in the franchise probably my most favorite FF game I own it on most platforms from PSVita to PS4 even bought the XB1 port. I wish the game had the option to play it with Japanese voices when it received the HD treatment only way I can play the Japanese voices is with the PC port. I think FF10 was the last great game in the franchise I might get disagrees but I think FF as a franchise went down hill after X. I tried 12 I didn't like it I tried 13 I didn't like it either and FF15 I didn't like as well. FFX-2 as a game was all right not one of my favorite Final Fantasy sequels/prequels I am more curious about the rumored X-3 and I wish Square would just port Crisis Core to console all ready. If Ubisoft can port a Vita game like AC Liberation to PS3 it shouldn't be hard for Square to port Crisis Core a PSP game to PS4 or even PS5.

43d ago
chrisx43d ago

FFX was the first FF I ever played, and I was absolutely jaw dropped by the intro and the game afterwards. Made me wonder back then why I never played previous entries. It's a great game and had a great storyline too.

-Foxtrot43d ago

Hard to beat Final Fanasy VIII's opening

The music alone secures that top spot.

Rocketisleague43d ago (Edited 43d ago )

Agree 8s opening is great, but 10s is a little better overall imo. Introduced main villain which ruins the city, introduces auron and his weird relationship.with sin
Brings much more wonder than ff8s, the opening is more involved in the plot where ff8s is kinda a just , you know. A cool citizens. Ff10s first hour kept me interested in wonder what the he'll was going because the next hour or 2 are a bit meh compared until sin pops up again

Nerdmaster43d ago

That's because VIII's "opening" is not an opening, but a trailer. I even spoils some things. They should've limited to showing the fight between Squall and Seifer, not put random scenes with Rinoa and Edea.

Ditol6943d ago (Edited 43d ago )

I always thought they were precognitive dreams that Squall had in the hospital, brought on by Ellone.

Elda43d ago

Great game all around.

Flawlessmic43d ago

Easily my favorite ff, finished it multiple times, and love it every time.

Ditol6943d ago

Wasn't FF10's opening the stupid water basketball game and the black hole? That was absolutely awful. The opening and the terrible voice acting are why I've still never played more than 10 minutes of that game.

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