Every Resident Evil game ranked best to worst

It's time to rank all the main games from Resident Evil, arguably the biggest-ever survival-horror franchise, from worst to best.

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Nerdmaster491d ago (Edited 491d ago )

For me Resident Evil is at its best when it perfectly balances action and survival horror. 5 and 6 went too much towards action, while 7 went too much towards horror. 4 balances those aspects better, and that's why it feels like a better game - from the post-classic style games - for me, even though in the final part it did steer a bit too much into action territory.

About the list, the fact that they didn't include Zero (a prequel, but not a spin off) and Code Veronica (which was made to be the true RE3) bothers me a little bit.

Sonic-and-Crash491d ago (Edited 491d ago )

Original Resident Evil 1 on Ps1 (not dualshock version) is kilometers far superior game to any sequel that followed ... ...and also one of the best games released in history of the videogames

After RE1 ...yes you can compare the rest of the games , RE3 Nemessis being the best of the bunch , RE 2 and RE Outbreak following 3rd place ....the rest (RE 4 5 6 )being alot inferior action oriented .....RE 7 8 are NOT Resident Evil games

SullysCigar491d ago

RE7 was the nutz in VR. You may have a different opinion, but you haven't seen enough of RE8 yet to write it off as "NOT Resident Evil".

I liked that they ramped up the horror for 7 - it's just inline with what I prefer.

mikeslemonade490d ago

7 is the worst because it’s not even a real RE game.

Dragonscale490d ago

@sonic, no it isn't one of greatest games in history lol. It was ok at the time but really hasn't aged well.

bouzebbal490d ago

Every resident evil and they they rank 7 of them 🤣🤦‍♂️
There are much more RE than that.
RE 456 are only spin offs.
Code Veronica is the best episode!

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CrimsonWing69490d ago

RE7 is the most Old-school RE feeling game of any of the modern RE games in terms of the scenario design, like how the whole Baker mansion is like a puzzle. I absolutely loved 7 and I’m a huge Old-school RE fan.

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Necr0philiac490d ago

I agree. Code Veronica was the best. 1 and 2 are close behind it.

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anast490d ago (Edited 490d ago )

4 is a cartoony action game, this wasn't the balance I was looking for. I think 7 finally brought it back.

NapalmSanctuary490d ago

REmake is the pinnacle of the series. RE7 is a whole other franchise with the RE name slapped on it. RE4 is a damn good spin off title.

Nacho_Z490d ago

I don't know why the downvotes you're spot on. 7 was a good game but the pendulum did swing a bit too much towards atmospheric horror. 4 had the right balance gameplay wise although it was pretty cheesy.

I think 8 will take what worked from 7 and filter it through all the other games.

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Knightofelemia491d ago

Nothing beats the original RE games on PS1 least RE 3 on PS1 is still one of my favorites in the franchise I even went out of my way to buy RE2 on N64 just to collect. I still have my Game Cube and Sega Dreamcast ports. Code Veronica is also another one of my favorites Dreamcast port and on. But I am surprised there is no Zero or other RE games like Oubreak, and Umbrella Chronicles they are also in the franchise Zero is another good game. RE6 and RE5 are only good when you have co-op I didn't really like them.

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cooperdnizzle490d ago

Surprised to say I actually agree with is list 100%

Dude knows he’s re games and Definitely made the perfect list and gave the right games the credit. Re2’ all day !

atsugiT2490d ago

I dont understand people that dont consider 7 a resident evil game. You dont have to like the game, but you kinda have to acknowledge that they did hit all the wickets that make a RE game, and a survival horror game. They made it first person, which is new. But definitely adds to the experience.

Terry_B490d ago (Edited 490d ago )

Headline "Every Resident Evil game ranked best to worst"

Below it
"It’s time to rank all the main games from Resident Evil"

Big difference.

Babadook7490d ago

Yah. Where was the excellent Code Veronica?

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