Red Bull becomes first brand on Playstation Home

Brandrepublic writes:

"Red Bull has become the first brand to build a presence in PlayStation Home, Sony's much anticipated virtual world, Revolution can reveal.

Red Bull has built a tropical island, featuring an aeroplane racing game based on Red Bull's real world Red Bull Air Race series."

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LokMessier3702d ago

So it finally starts. Now I wonder what else these developers and other companies will put in to home. I have to applaud Sony for going in this direction, even with the delays and what not they really had a good idea with this home idea. Meeting new people, seeing some footage right on the screen and not having to Download it from the PS store or walk to the laptop/Pc/mac.

I seriously would like to see more devs taking up more space in home, this is really going to be an adventure in itself.

whoelse3702d ago

Thats very neat! Well done Sony!

Genesis53702d ago

Regardless of how you feel about Home. It is undeniably leaps and bounds ahead of anything the competition has come up with in the area of social networking on your console.

ZootHornRollo3701d ago

i wonder if you can crash the plane in to a group of people.

that would be cash

Armyless3701d ago

I think I'm going to drink a couple Jaeger Bombs this weekend!

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yoghurt3702d ago

Great, I love the red bull brand and the air show. This is the kind of stuff that i think people will like, so imagine you go to the red bull area, you have a game, you can buy tickets to the air show - nice.

Sheddi3702d ago

hey! thats not bad! i like the way u think!

mattkelly19913701d ago

You can PLAY the air show lol.

LevDog3702d ago

This is exactly why PS3 will never charge for online.. Just like Nascar, Ps3 is offering space for products to be advertised.. You Pay Sony for that space.. Im in the Home beta.. I can tell you there is a crap load of people in there ALLLLLL THE TIME.. So each product can have its own area and maybe free mini game (like the plane race for red bull)..

TOO PAWNED3702d ago

This is just awesome, you get free game in your HOME. Sony is genius, now go pay for that overrated xbox live

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ThatCanadianGuy3702d ago

Alan wake
Age of conan
Splinter cell conviction

Waitbox 360

Darkseider3702d ago

awesome. I never pondered the possibilities of the non tech/video game industry in Home. Very very cool! Home is truly shaping up to be the next big thing in social networking.

happyface3702d ago


Red Bull airplane mini game is revolutionary and once the word gets out you can see Red Bull ads in an ONLINE WORLD plus an airplane minigame PS3s will immediately sell out all over the world.

This is the start of PS3s comeback and world domination IMO

ofx3603702d ago

Are you being sarcastic? >This definitely won't make Home sell out anything. All this is for is to help Sony pay for the HUGE expense that is Home without making people pay(which is nice). I highly doubt people are gonna pay mondo bucks for a new console just to see an ad and to play a minigame<--(if you weren't being sarcastic)

happyface3702d ago

not sarcasm, I know lots of people who are planning on buying ps3s now that you can check out Red Bull ads in HOME and fly an airplane

this is the start of something BIG

psiom3702d ago



There's some truth in your rantings, but you could at least be constructive :P

Otherwise it comes off fanboyish.

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