The Gadget Show- BluRay vs DVD Upscale

FiveFWD: Suzi and Jason discuss if Blu-ray players are all they are cracked up to be, or are upscale DVD players just as good?

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CrippleH3700d ago

Only an idiot thinks upscaled dvd is close.

This video is clear proof.

WANNA GET HIGH3700d ago (Edited 3700d ago )

BU BU BUT BLU RAY = Fail and DVD is just as good ......!!!

GTFO... :/


PS3 Games that use blu ray propley = what the 360 can never do.....

But im still keeping both consoles ;-D

UnwanteDreamz3700d ago

How much do you wanna bet all those "idiots" who have been saying that upscaled DVD is just as good don't show up for their slice of humble pie?

I have been waiting for this since I popped in my first BR in my PS3. I did a video comparison at home because my black monster also upscales DVD.

Results = GTFO no comparison at all for true HD you gotta pop in that BR disc.

LMAO at the haters.

sloth4urluv3700d ago

Yeah, I have someone at work who says they cant tell the difference between Blu-ray and DVD.

Maybe he has bad eyes or something. To me the difference is night and day.

Ive been waiting for a while to get a Blu-ray player. Think maybe ill pick up a PS3 for chirstmas or something.

BulletToothtony3700d ago

are people who don't have an hdtv.. they really don't know what they're talking about.. someone who i know doesn't have an hdtv said.. all bluray does is that it makes green colors look greener... which sadly some people live in this big denial..

Bluray is a new technology and it rocks.. it's here to stay fellas.. accept it.

Elven63700d ago

Its common for people to not see a difference, many of those people really start noticing the difference when they have to go from pure HD programming to SD to realize what they were missing out on.

uie4rhig3700d ago

me having a bad eye, i can't seem to tell much difference my self.. unless i remove my contact lenses and go like proper close.. so i dunno..

eagle213700d ago

No mention of a DVD in this ad. They talked about perfecting the picture and the crystal clear picture plus HD sound. The 60 sec. commercial ended with "own it on Blu-ray". The commercial directly following it was the "Entertainment Unleashed" PS3 tv spot. It featured many PS3 games and The Dark Knight Blu-ray. Pure ownage! :)

M_Prime3700d ago

well i have a SD 50" TV and BLU RAY and DVD look about the same to me..

but i have seen the diff on a HD tv.. the BLU RAY looks better but for me BLU RAY does nothing..

hell if you watch SD programming on a HD TV it looks like A$$, and i see the difference in about 2 seconds. HD is the future but if you still have a SD TV then BLU RAY is just an expensive DVD

likedamaster3700d ago

"Only an idiot thinks upscaled dvd is close.

This video is clear proof."

The video is not "clear proof". I personally can see the difference on MY tvs, with both a bluray and an upscaling dvd player but surely not in this video. And for the record, movies on my non-upscaling dvd player looks just as good. Bluray movies have a clear picture and better sound but it is not a "major leap" over DVD. Sorry, if you expected something else that's just my opinion on it.

alexM3700d ago


U never own a Blu Ray drive or ps3

stop trolling here

There is a massive difference between the images. Others see AVS FORUMS comparisons

SL1M DADDY3699d ago

Many only comment on the picture being "clearer" but I have two other aspects that turn my head and that is color and sound. Not only are the frames clearer and sharper but the colors in BD are much more vibrant and the sound is simply amazing. That is why I go BD now and have yet to buy a single DVD since the PS3 came out. I have hundreds of DVD's still and have replaced a few of them since but that is a whole other story for a later thread.

gaffyh3699d ago

Where have all the retards like POG and Omega4 gone in this thread?


prowiew3699d ago

To me it depends on the tv you have. My hdtv is almost 4 years old and when I watch a blu ray, I dont see much difference from my upscaled dvd.

kopicha3699d ago

I have already mention this at least a million times saying that those who cant see and hear the difference should get their eyesight n hearing checked from their family doctor. Well those ppl are just ignorant if they aint blind for making claims that DVD upscale look as good.

wallace10003699d ago (Edited 3699d ago )

@ CrippleH - "Only an idiot thinks upscaled dvd is close" This is a very stupid comment to make. There are many factors to consider here, size of TV owned, quality of TV owned, viewing distance, eye sight, there are many factors that rule out the use of uneducated blanket statements like yours.
I personally love the increased sound and picture quality that you achieve with blu-ray but then again i have a quality HD TV that is large enough to show the difference in PQ at the distance that i sit from the TV and an HDMI receiver. I also have 20/15 vision. Many people are not in the same boat as myself so they may not appreciate the difference in PQ and lets face it, some people still watch VHS.
Just because you own a PS3 doesn't mean you have to post stupid comment to support blu-ray. I support blu-ray and i don't own a PS3 and you don't see me spouting stupid comments. Then again the maturity level of many members on this site is quite low.
The other problem with blu-ray that the video pointed out is the cost-benefit analysis that you have to go through. Blu-ray is still pricey but once the discs themselves hit the price of current new release DVD versions of the same movie and the players drop another $100 across the board, then i think adoption will take off.
@ superaktieboy - it doesn't matter that you have a bad eye you should still be able to see the difference apparently, I feel sorry for the people with the low IQ that disagreed with your comment.

phosphor1123699d ago

Because they are watching the freaking BD(yes its BD not BR) movies on SDTVs! WOWOWOWOW, I knew something was wrong when some people i knew said DVD looked the same, until they watched both on my friends 57" HDTV, then they cried at how dumb they are.

wallace10003699d ago (Edited 3699d ago )

Bravo and +bubbles for mentioning a screen size and not just typing "blu-ray FTW" like so many other people. I agree that if you are watching blu-ray on a 57 inch HDTV at the correct viewing distance and you can not see a difference then something is wrong.
Whether or not people are willing to pay for that difference though is another matter entirely.

darthv723699d ago

Bluray has a marketing slogan of: "Without bluray, your hdtv is".

I think it can go both ways. "Without hdtv your bluray is just...dvd".

Those who dont have hdtv definitely NEED one in order to really see what blu has to offer. Not only improving the movie experience but everything. I can't even watch cable on a regular tv after seeing it on my 42" samsung.

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Tony999Montana3700d ago

I saw this when it was on. Proof that my money invested into HD TV etc wasn't wasted :D .

Armyless3700d ago

I've been playing HD games and movies since then and there's no going back.

bumnut3700d ago

ive been playing hd games for about 10 years now

upscaling can't come close to bluray but upscaling is still needed because people still have dvd collections.

why should people buy all there movies again just because a new format comes out?

InMyOpinion3700d ago (Edited 3700d ago )

Exactly. Only idiots would do that.

I don't think they have a problem rebuying movies they own on DVD though. They don't watch the movies, they watch the quality of the picture. Kind of like people who play games because of the graphics and not because it's fun. These are the same persons that usually feel a desperate need to show off their new gadgets to friends.

Vip3r3699d ago

What makes you think people rebuy their films on Blu-ray again? Or it that the only did you can have at blu-ray?

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LiquifiedArt3700d ago

1) TV SIZE directly affects upscaling quality. While 1080p Will look great on 70inch screens, dvd upscale will not.

2) The Raw uncomperssed Audio tracks on bluray movies vs. standard dvd audio is leaps and bounds better.

Eddie201013700d ago

It doesn't matter what size HDTV you have there is a huge difference between Blu-Ray and Upscale DVD. I have a 26 inch HDTV and a 42 inch HDTV and Blu-Ray looks much better on both. Uscaling DVD does improve the Picture on HDTV's but not enough to really compete with Blu-Ray. Nothing beats a true high def (Blu-Ray) Picture.

Not trying to sound like a commercial but Blu-Ray is the best.

jlemdon3699d ago

I watched a blu-ray movie at a buddies house on his ps3 (he don't have a HDTV) and it looks the same. but when I watch blu-ray on 42 inch 1080P it just looks soooo marvelous.

cmrbe3700d ago (Edited 3700d ago )

can't upscale data stored on DVD. My point is its not just about visual quality.

Upscale dvd is only a tempoary solution for some people for movies only.

Content is always increasing in size. Blu ray in needed.

TheColbertinator3700d ago

The HD format war is O-V-E-R.

user8586213700d ago

bots are in denial :( das a shame!! where livin in the future and they crying ova the past

JasonPC360PS3Wii3700d ago

If it's over, why do your comments smell of fear? As soon as one of these pop up you droids are here to defend, all of you. Sounds like fear over the "fact" that Blu-ray hasn't done so good, and during the shoping season to.

ultimolu3700d ago

Jason, because you *bots* keep saying bluray ish deeeeeed! Sony sucks! Down with Sonnnnnny!

HD-DVD is dead.

JasonPC360PS3Wii3700d ago

HD DVD was dead a long time ago, I didnt support that format so saying "HD DVD is dead" does nothing to me. It's like shooting a BB at a tank. You should try some Netflix in HD or upscales DVD, or download from the marketplace. Oh... my bad, silly me you don't have em. All three are stomping the hell out of Blu-ray.

Sir_Ken_Kutaragi3700d ago (Edited 3700d ago )

Suzi Perry!!! ;-P

+ They did a 'Top 5' of must have games for xMas and look what was 1st!!!...

Can't see any xBox 360 Exclusives in the List??? ;-D

ultimolu3700d ago

Oh, but I have no interest in that when I can watch the same movies on the internet! :)

karlostomy3700d ago (Edited 3700d ago )

Stop defending.

I am thinking if you spent even 1/10th of the time you waste defending sony on playing 360 games, you'd be a much happier person.

That reminds me, did you buy a 360 like you said you were going to?

ultimolu3699d ago

1. Grow up.
2. It's a Christmas gift. Why do you care whether I bougght one yet or not?
3. Stop stalking my comments.
5. Call 1800-GET-A-LIFE.

karlostomy3699d ago (Edited 3699d ago )

1. I have an excellent life.
2. You don't.
3. Hurry up and get a boyfriend so you not so b1tchy all the time
4. Hurry up and get a 360 so you don't waste time on futile SDF activity
5. Call 1800-Juuken-can't-count


ultimolu3699d ago (Edited 3699d ago )

1. I have an excellent life. (Sure you do.)
2. You don't. (Screw you. :D You know nothing about me.)
3. Hurry up and get a boyfriend so you not so b1tchy all the time (How do you know I don't have one now? Is it any of your business whether I have one or not?)
4. Hurry up and get a 360 so you don't waste time on futile SDF activity (Hurry up and get a PS3 because you don't want to miss out on kick ass exclusives. Maybe it'll open your eyes a little and you can stop lying to yourself.)
5. Call 1800-Juuken-can't-count (1-800-HITLER-FANBOY)
It was a typo idiot. :]

karlostomy3699d ago

You are THE most defensive nutjob I have seen on N4G, Juuken.

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