Cyberpunk 2077 — Our Commitment to Quality

CDPR: "Dear gamers, we are committed to fixing bugs and crashes and will continue to work and improve the game via future updates."

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TGGJustin4d ago (Edited 4d ago )

Q: Didn’t you test old-gen consoles to keep tabs on the experience?

A: We did. As it turned out, our testing did not show many of the issues you experienced while playing the game. As we got closer to launch, we saw significant improvements each and every day, and we really believed we’d deliver in the final day zero update.

So new year same old lies from this pos company. Consoles aren't PCs. If they played this game on a base PS4 and base Xbox One then it is impossible they didn't see the problems that people have with them. We're not talking about some random bug we're talking about horrible framerate, textures that take forever to load, poor visuals, horrible bugs, and so much more. It's one lie after another with them. It's also ridiculous that they act like this game is perfect on PC when it's full of bugs, poor AI, a lifeless world, and so on on there too.

-Foxtrot4d ago

I don't know how they can bullshit to our faces and pretend like they never saw anything wrong

They are really saying that despite all of their testing, all the Quality checks, the play testers and whatever else is in place, they hardly saw any of the issues on last gen consoles, even going far to say they saw improvements

That's so f******* bad man

SullysCigar4d ago

They've learned nothing. They're making what they think are the right noises to slither back into the good books. Less talk, more action. Give us the results that should have been there for us at launch and then move on to more content for this game or go to the next one - and SHOW us you've changed.

Army_of_Darkness4d ago

Wow! This guy literally thinks we're a bunch of F*#king idiots!?
How are some gamers cool with this? Sure some of y'all PC's can run it good but think outside the box people! We can't let them get away easy on this one otherwise they won't learn anything and just repeat the same thing next time around.

Bobertt4d ago

From what i remember from leaks from the devs, they claim the execs knew the game was buggy but they didn't really pay attention or the people under them who are supposed to inform them downplayed it and they figured they would have them fixed by launch with the day 1 patch, but the devs knew it was not going to be ready. If that is true it's retarded none of the execs decided to play the game before launch.

Christopher4d ago

What's worse is that he's throwing all the QA on the team (all 65+ of them) under the bus with statements like that.

NeoGamer2323d ago

In the video the leadership team took full responsibility for the shipped product and said that their testing was inadequate, the older consoles were challenging to work with, and COVID also played a role.

I'm not sure what is wrong with what was said.

Did you expect them to say that are testers are losers, our team sucked, and we should just dig and hole, jump in and bury ourselves?

There is a delicate balance in a video like this. Comin out and saying we should've did better and not blaming the people working there as they put in huge hours probably to do the best they could do. You don't want to tell your team they aren't smart or valuable. But, at the same time you are trying to say we need to do better. I think that he did that well. They've promised three new patches, free dlc, and the nextgen updates in the second half of the year.

This situation just reminds me of why I don't buy games on day one anymore, Wait about 6 months on SP games and about a year on MP games, and other people go through the frustration and I just enjoy the game from end-to-end.

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nickanasty2064d ago

Could it be possible that they have way lower standards for what is actually acceptable? Not trying to make excuses at all for them because to me its unacceptable. Just wondering if the people they had doing QA testing really do honestly think it was in good shape?

JEECE4d ago (Edited 4d ago )

I think a big part of it is that they don't understand that a greater number of gamers are becoming aware of framerate and are also less willing to tolerate bugs.

If you go back and watch GTA V on PS3 and 360, you'll find drops into the low 20s. Bethesda titles from that era would be similar, and were also loaded with bugs (New Vegas on PS3, anyone?). I think they gambled that people playing on base consoles still were not the type to get worked up about or even notice performance issues. Ten years ago they might have gotten away with it.

TGGJustin4d ago

@Jeece A big thing you are missing though is that all of those games you mentioned were shown before hand to at least give gamers an idea of what they were getting into. CDPR showed nothing but PC footage leading up to release and misled people into thinking that the console versions would be a similar experience. Heck reviewers weren't even allowed to use their own footage which isn't something you ever really see.

calderra3d ago

They explicitly disallowed reviewers from posting PS4 footage.
If YongYea or Laymen or whomever had said PS4 was crap, they'd be blackballed from reviewing for CDPR.
Still think CDPR didn't know?

moomoo3194d ago

Game looks great but where tf is all the traffic? If you are not in the city literally no cars on the road. Cops also spawn out of thin air. The wanted system is straight up non-existent. Im playing on PC but its clear the open world needed another 6 months EASILY.

-Foxtrot4d ago

And games journalists are the ones who, when giving us the final preview of Cyberpunk, were praising Night City for how big, alive and captivating it was.

enkiduxiv4d ago

@Foxtrot I can't help but think that some of the rage directed at the company should go towards all of those day one reviewers and the gamers that fall for their nonsense. Don't get me wrong. CDPR needs to be held accountable for its misleading marketing. However, at the end of the day this manipulative launch would never have happened if the Day One reviews hadn't put the game at a 93 on Metacritic.

I ultimately played it on PC and, while I enjoyed it, it was definitely buggy and immersion breaking in places. I don't see how having a PC copy of the game to review really could have effected the review scores all that significantly.

This launch highlights something we all know about and largely ignore. Game criticism is almost entirely under the control of the publishers. If they want their game to launch with perfect scores or even win game of the year they can just make it happen. I know the gaming community often blames this on casuals, but casuals by definition don't consume that much gaming media. When was the last time that friend we all have that just plays FIFA and GTAV went online to look for a game review or watched an award show. It's the hardcore gaming community that fell for CDPR and believed it could do no wrong. They are the ones who pre-ordered the game in droves a year before it released. The problem starts there.

calderra3d ago

CDPR edited the game page so 2077 is officially "action-adventure" genre, not an RPG.

People still think the RPG mechanics and open world are going to get "fixed".

Wake up Samurai, you just got burned.

neutralgamer19924d ago (Edited 4d ago )


Even on pc this game is a mess with all the bugs and glitches. From broken police system , to poor NPC who disappear right when you turn the camera away. How about npc walking in circles something they Skyrim got right on very old hardware.

The amount of excuses from gamers depending this is not surprising since gamers are the biggest Hippocrates because they will defend one game if it's coming from their favorite company but then they'll bash another game if it's not coming from their favorite company for the same issues

Here's a case in point electronic arts puts micro transactions in Star wars battlefront 2 in the internet blew up yet Ubisoft has been adding XP boosters to single player games and gamers are okay with it and they make excuses like well you don't have to buy them

until we as gamers decide enough is enough and everybody is going to be getting equal treatment nothing is going to change. What's really stinks is when I saw a common saying well when Witcher 3 launched it it was also very buggy so cyberpunk 2077 will be fixed over time, then why are the developers charging full price for something that will be fixed over time

Stop with excuses this game was the most hyped game in past 10 to 15 years and it did not meet expectations it launched when it was not ready whether we were talking about consoles or PC this game is a buggy mess with a lot of glitches everywhere

Father__Merrin4d ago

The only things Ng a high end of does is brute force a higher frame rate and even then it's not smooth or stable. All the bugs and glitches remain.

They should have released in the summer on pc then console during fall '21

Elda4d ago

CDPR refusing to let reviews & footage of the console versions when the embargo was lifted told it all that they were hiding.

neutralgamer19924d ago

Exactly they knew what shape this game was in and even on pc it's a mess so it's not like pc gamers got the compete version. As a gamer what's really sad is this game had so much hype and potential and we as gamers felt like CDPR will do is right because they are pro consumers than they didn't even show gameplay for all platforms

philm874d ago

How many of you have actually played it on the base consoles?

calderra3d ago

CDPR explicitly demanded in their review embargo that you could NOT show your own footage of the console versions, and you could NOT talk about the console versions. You had to use their (pre-rendered, PC) footage to show the game in the best light on consoles.

Still want to pretend CDPR didn't know?

stloony3d ago (Edited 3d ago )

As a QA lead in a software company...."infuriating&q uot; would be the word.

100% the QA testers knew what was up.

If I was one of them at that company, I would be speaking out against every lie these guys are stating. Yes, they would get fired for doing that, but the public would easily back them up and help them with any financial downfall that might have caused.

These obvious lies are not helping anything.

yeahokwhatever3d ago

i think one of two things when i heard this from him:
1) their QA team is non-existent, insufficient or just bad.
2) they've created a work environment where QA engineers are afraid to speak up or be too "negative" because they're always met with hostility.

I've seen both of these things IRL.

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RaidenBlack4d ago

2nd half of 2021 is a long way off.
Lets see in 10 days, what they've able to improve.

JeffGUNZ4d ago

Yeah, this game is going to fade off quick I think. PC players have beaten it and now it doesn't look like any content at least till the summer by gauging that timeline. What a let down. This game had so much potential and now it's just a joke.

RaidenBlack3d ago

Actually many PC players waited it out coz they wanted to upgrade to newer GPUs and then play the game (Since both launches coincided). So becoz there was shortage of GPUs in 2020, they'll instead pick it up in 2021.
For console players ... many also waited for the console version reviews and ultimately refrained from buying. And are waiting for either performance stability patch for previous gen or current-gen upgrade patch.

Christopher4d ago

And people thought I was joking when I said 2021 Holiday for next-gen upgrades on console.

The-Matrix-has-you4d ago

I certainly wasn’t expecting it to be so late in the year. I hope I am still interested in the game by then.

Christopher4d ago (Edited 4d ago )

I'm assuming, combined with the tons of updates they'll have to do over the next 3-4 months just to get the game stable, they have a requirement to maintain focus on the DLC per shareholder agreements to their schedule. Those take precedence over the free next-gen upgrades.

neutralgamer19924d ago

Yes I think this game will be better come late next year and we might even be looking at 2022 just for them to keep patching/updating

Not sure even if CDPR have the guts to announce any dlc/expansions until this game becomes very stable on all platforms. Making this game stable and playable is what the priority has to be right now. They have lost estimatedly close to 1 billion dollars since the launch of this game via stock market/refunds

Christopher4d ago

They showed in the video that DLC would start to release about 3 months.

SullysCigar4d ago

Haha, well it is a joke - the whole damn situation!

I_am_Batman4d ago

I'm not even sure that's gonna happen. Roadmaps from CD Projekt are about as useful as a one-legged man at an ass-kicking contest.

ArchangelMike3d ago

At this rate it might be best if they just relaunch the game when the next gen updates are ready, along with the DLC etc. They've been burned by shareholder expectations, I hope they don't repeat the same mistake by allowing shareholders to dictate their schedules, instead of the QA and dev teams - who are the ones who know when the content is ready for market.

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niseek4d ago

For me the biggest problem is the difference in what they presented in gameplay videos to what we actually received. I know stuff changes in development but the game is not the deep RPG they were advertising.

StoneyYoshi4d ago (Edited 4d ago )

Like the first 40 minute gameplay where they said "everything you see is potentially subject to change"?

And boy did they warn us! lol

enkiduxiv4d ago

Strat-edgy on youtube talks about this in his review of the game. The problem is that they had all of the hardcore rpg fans thinking it would be more like a CRPG with branching narratives and player agency. Instead they made it like a modern Bioware rpg. The story is decent, but it was very misleading. I liked the story telling in this game, but I can certainly see why people were disappointed.

JeffGUNZ3d ago

This. I am lucky enough to play this on a high end PC. I beat everything I can in this game. This is absolutely nothing like the game they advertised and showed off over the years. That's the real crime.

isarai4d ago

Just shut up and fix it...ffs🤦‍♂️

Christopher4d ago

They can do both, just FYI. It's literally his job to do this while the people who can fix the game are doing just that.

wwinterj3d ago (Edited 3d ago )

It is indeed his job to lie in order to try and appease fans and investors.