Hogwarts Legacy Delayed into 2022

Hogwarts Legacy has been delayed into 2022, in order to give "the game the time it needs".

Relientk773d ago

Damn, and there's the first big video game delay of 2021.

Really looking forward to this one too :-(

NeoGamer2323d ago

There will be many more... Essentially, any game that doesn't have a specific ship date yet, could move to next year.

I am particularly worried by all the games that are scheduled for holiday 2021. A lot of them could move to next year.

Gaming4Life19813d ago

Yea i really want to play this but if delaying it makes it better then so be it.

Vengeance11383d ago

I think Cyberpunk is rly giving devs wakeup calls in terms of quality.

Darkborn3d ago

And it was a good thing too. This kind of stuff was happening for years but after CD project red lost all credibility and a lot of money, more publishers are weary of it I hope.

StoneyYoshi3d ago (Edited 3d ago )

It was a good thing. But saying they lost money is reaching. They sold 13 million after refunds. I think that covers the cost of the game 2 to 3 times over at least. If they all sold at 60 a pop, thats almost 800 Million sales, and that was within the first 2 weeks! The game was still a financial success for them regardless of the credibility they lost.

jbull3d ago

@StoneyYoshi How much of that estimated 800 million is taxed though?

TheRealTedCruz3d ago (Edited 3d ago )

You're confusing profit with stock strength.
They by no means lost any money selling 15+ million copies this fast.
They're just viewed less viable on the market than prior to release.
That's typical no matter the product, honestly.
The second they announce a new project, their stock will start to rise again.
Not that the release didn't hurt them, but it hurt them a lot less than some outlets are trying to make it out to be.

Vx_3d ago

@StoneyYoshi they have lost $1 billion over Cyberpunk 2077

TheRealTedCruz3d ago


Do you guys legitimately not understand the difference between losing money vs buying back your stocks?

Darkborn2d ago

Guys I didn't mean they actually lost money and went into the red. I meant they had to issue refunds and lost money.

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-Foxtrot3d ago


So there's literally no excuse for Bethesda with the Elder Scrolls VI

anast3d ago

ESVI will most likely come out janky regardless.

Darkborn2d ago

I'm sure Bethesda will use the same engine and it'll basically be a skyrim mod.

stupidusername3d ago

Really looking forward to this game. I imagined that it would come late this year anyway so a 2022 date doesn't bother me too much. Glad they announced the delay early at least.

This might be unrelated, or maybe it isn't - but I wonder if CDPRs failings sends consumer positive ripples in the industry. Suits might think twice before they make a decision to release a unpolished/unfinished game. They might be more likely to delay the game to make it better after seeing what happened to Cyberpunk.

jbull3d ago

Wont be the last, I've a feeling Covid will cause more games to slip into 2022.

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