Ubisoft Isn’t The Best Alternative To EA Making Star Wars

As We Play writes: "When EA was first exclusively licensed to make Star Wars games by Disney, it didn't particularly feel like the best choice for fans. It felt more beneficial for the business side of things, as say what you might about EA, they are good at making money out of massive licenses. Star Wars, arguably the biggest franchise to ever exist, would seemingly fit well with their practices."

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locomorales10d ago

I like Ubisoft. I think most hate they received is just part of that toxic culture of "being a gamer". To fit you need to dislike Ubi. But they are creative and inovative on the long run with an incomparable variety of genres and games, from Just Dance to Far Cry.

For me is a big step up Star Wars games from them. Of course I can pin-point one or two studios that should make something better if they stop doing what they are doing. Instead, I prefer a more constant flux of games that Ubi can provide.

Sgt_Slaughter10d ago

No most of the dislike is because of Ubisoft's mistakes and bad development choices, let's not downplay actual criticism by classifying it as "being a gamer" or whatever you're trying to say.

RPGer10d ago

Yeah it's like saying" Oooh you don't like the recent Wonder Woman movie because you "being movie watcher". DC made worst superhero movies, because they are bad at it. I am not even comparing to something like Spidey 2, Dark Knight or first IronMan, but comparing to Incredible Hulk, Age of Ultron and Captain Marvel.

But I get it some people would die to defend something like Cyperpunk, Final Fantasy XIII and Skyrim. So, its really understandable why would these people would defend flat games from EA and Ubisoft.

yeahokwhatever9d ago

Dark Knight is a DC movie. They make great movies, most of them are animated though.

NeoGamer2329d ago

Quality is a continuum from extremely bad to extremely good.

There are publishers/developers on the extremely bad side and then there are publishers/developers on the extremely good side.

I wouldn't put Ubisoft and their studios on the bad side at all, but I won't say they are extremely good either. To me they are somewhat good to very good at times. I am not sure why gamers are so hard on them. There are different types of music and movies. They appeal to different crowds through genres and they also appeal based on production values. Ubisoft isn't going to win GOTY for their games, but they shouldn't be fully ignored because of that. And frankly, their sales say they have a market because a lot of people are buying their games. Not every game is a Naughty Dog or Sony Santa Monica game. There is room out there for a lot of tier two type publishers/developers.

Maybe gamers should start playing some of the tier two games. You may find you like some of them.

KyRo10d ago

I agree with the Ubi bashing thing. They deserve it much less when there's publishers such as Bethesda existing.

I disagree about them being innovative though. They make the same open world style games for a vast majority of their games with the samey missions and structure. They change the setting, era and POV and call it a new game.

Ironically one of their most successful games this generation was R6 Seige and that didn't follow their tired formula.

locomorales10d ago

Most people think Ubisoft games are similar because they only play those that are similiar. In this generation they released Assassin's Creed, Just Dance, R6 Siege, Far Cry, Agos, Immortals Fenyx Rising, Hyper Scape, The Division, Brawhalla, For Honor, Trials, Anno, Steep, The Crew, Starlink, Mario + Rabbids, South Park, Trackmania and others.

How can I say that those games are similar? There's a lot more variety on Ubisoft than on Sony or Rockstar, for instance.

Gaming4Life198110d ago

Bethesda makes great games just like ubisoft but every game will get criticism. Ubisoft is a great company so i would like to see what they do with star wars.

jambola10d ago

i wouldn't say thy deserve less bashing because of worse companies
just the worse companies deserve more

northpaws10d ago


But not even one of them are better than Sony top 5 games.

Army_of_Darkness9d ago

@locomorales- "How can I say that those games are similar? There's a lot more variety on Ubisoft than on Sony or Rockstar, for instance."

Sure a little bit more variety... But are those Ubisoft games better than what Sony and rockstar can put out? Hah! Not even close.

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monkey60210d ago

Ubisoft are no longer creative! The started the X1/PS4 gen so strong. Rayman was at a series high, UbiArts were doing fantastic work, Far Cry was just after finding a new lease of life, Assassins were getting bigger and Rainbow 6 Siege was a fresh take on multiplayer

Then they shut down UbiArts, made what feels like a hundred assassins games, started to mould all their properties into the one bland genre and brought the same Rayman game out to every conceivable platform repeatedly instead of developing a new game.

I was a big Ubi fan up until a couple of years ago. They don't make trash but they certainly don't make great games either.

Annual filler is the best you can expect from them

ZeroBlue210d ago (Edited 10d ago )

I think most of the hate they receive is because they essentially make the same game every time with a fresh coat of paint. The Ubisoft formula has become pretty stale IMO. Big and pretty open world game, with a new story and new characters. Tons of padding. Forgettable story and characters. Variations on done to death gameplay mechanics. Etc. But hey, at least the visuals are usually pretty good. Like EA, they tend to favor the "big budget, but generic" route.

BattleCat10d ago

Ubisoft games arent good. They hold the gaming industry back! Every game is almost the same by them. There is so much potential, but ubisoft never will use it.

locomorales10d ago

How Assassin's Creed, Just Dance, R6 Siege, Far Cry, Agos, Immortals Fenyx Rising, Hyper Scape, The Division, Brawhalla, For Honor, Trials, Anno, Steep, The Crew, Starlink, Mario + Rabbids, South Park, Trackmania and others are the same?

LucasRuinedChildhood10d ago

Ubisoft used to innovate and make great games. Now that the top manager has been fired for misconduct (we know that he essentially managed all of the games and turned down lots of interesting ones) we might actually see the company return to its old ways. Only time will tell.

anast10d ago

Hopefully this is true, because they make good looking games.

ocelot0710d ago

I don't like Ubisoft games these days as they all fell the same. Big open boring world's. Bland gameplay with not so interesting stories in my opinion.

Pretty much all you to do same thing. Go to tower hack into it or climb it to switch on and reveal a bit more of map.

isarai10d ago (Edited 10d ago )

Most dislike i see comes from the fact that they've been reskining the same games for like 10yrs now. And nearly every game they release is full of bugs, pointless filler collectibles, and mindless mission design, overall me and many others just find most of their games to be mediocre at best, a good mindless time sink, but no game changers. I think they're better than EA easily, but not enough yo get me excited over this deal. They got my curiosity, but im not getting any hopes up over this at all.

XbladeTeddy10d ago

"I think most hate they received is just part of that toxic culture of "being a gamer". To fit you need to dislike Ubi."

You sound like an idiot.

locomorales10d ago

Sorry. I tryed to sound like a gamer.

Jin_Sakai10d ago

With Star Wars now in the hands of Ubisoft we’ll have to climb countless towers to see the galaxy.

anast10d ago

I dislike UBI because they live service single player games. They try to force you to buy things like "time savers", this cheapens their beautiful games and turns them into a cheap night out.

jambola10d ago

"creative and innovatibe" at releaing 25 assassins creed games that kinda work and insulting microtransactions
oop, sorry "time savers"

neutralgamer199210d ago


I don't like them because they fill the game world map with useless icon and fetch quests and they are the only ones who have successfully without any backlash added micro transactions/do boosters to single player games

northpaws10d ago

Far Cry, Watch Dogs, Assassin's Creed... same game with different skin...

Immortals Fenyx Rising is something different, but it exists because of Breath of the Wild...

They do make some good games here and there, but they are far from innovative...

TheRealTedCruz10d ago

They're disliked because they basically use the same template for all of their major titles.

They're disliked because people now are aware of how toxic their company actually is in how they treat their employees, vs the guys topping it.

enkiduxiv10d ago

I guess "being a gamer" yourself, you feel qualified to belittle everyone else who doesn't share your own opinion. Good to see you fit right in with the rest of us then despite your pedestrian tastes. Ubisoft is better than EA, but not by much. Their games are just bland. They use the same open world sand box mechanics in every title. The
most recent games have boring plots that seem like they were thrown together by a group of managers at a table.

Basically the perfect company for the Star Wars franchise.

Dragonscale9d ago

Its ubisoft who are toxic, the worse publisher full stop fgs. Even worse than ea tbh.

IGiveHugs2NakedWomen9d ago

Well Ubisoft is better than EA in terms of quality, but they do have their problems.

RgR9d ago

Their games are super generic and streamlined.

I've liked some of their games but very few. They milk the crap out of their ip with endless grind and repetition.

There is not toxic gamer mentality of hatred towards ubisoft. No such thing.

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Knightofelemia10d ago (Edited 10d ago )

Ubisoft may have some buggy games I like Ubisoft as a studio but a new studio working on a Star Wars game is like a new breath of fresh air. Plus I see this as a way to show EA the middle finger so in away I am laughing at this. I am not a big Star Wars fan by any means but I would check out this new Star Wars game. And if this game does well I hope Mickey Mouse pulls the Star Wars license away from EA and then I would have an even bigger laugh at EA.

Majin-vegeta10d ago

Apparently theres various devs making Star Wars games.Rumor has it theres even a Dynasty warriors themed Star wars gane in the works

phoenixwing10d ago (Edited 10d ago )

not going to lie the dynasty warriors version of star wars could work real well. All they would have to do is make sure that the slicing of the light saber was realistic as far as people coming apart and people would instantly buy it. Oh and replace the magic with force powers. it's pretty simple to make really.

Vits10d ago (Edited 10d ago )

Yeap they really aren't the best. And is arguable that EA actually became sort of trustworth after fixing the mess of Battlefront 2 and the great Fallen Order/Rogue Squadron. Meanwhile with Ubisoft we are likely going to get a Assassin's Creed themed Star Wars. With "comestic" MTX and pay to skip stuff.

For PC players is a particular sour deal. Since it's also going to be available only on EGS and Uplay. With likely bad optimization.

Mikeyy9d ago

They did not "fix" battlefront 2. The game was abandoned in an incomplete state same as battlefield 5. They abandoned both games as soon as they realized people weren't buying the lootboxes and they didn't want to make good on the live service promise. They tried for a few months before content slowed to a trickle.

This is coming from someone who used to be a huge fan of dice.

Vits9d ago

You can argue that they could have done more. But they still fixed basically all the mess they originally did with the monetization and they did support the game for about 2 years with new content. So in my books that is perfectly acceptable performance.

PersonX10d ago

Ubisoft is the perfect developer for Star Wars. They have mastered the open world formula, however i would like to seem somthing more unic to the Star Wars game.

jambola10d ago

thinks ubisoft is good
thinks "unique" has a c in it
sounds right

2moda5gamer10d ago

I just thought PersonX wanted to see Star Wars games with more Unics' (Eunuch) in them? /s

northpaws10d ago

They created the open world formula many years ago, and then drained all souls from it over the years, now is just same game with different themes.

And for some reasons, their characters are very hard to feel related to, very soulless and inconsistent.