Pokemon Teams up With Katy Perry To Tease 25th Anniversary Announcements

The Pokemon Company has released a "25 years of memories" video that teases big anniversary announcements and surprising collaborations.

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-Foxtrot4d ago

Katy Perry? But...why?

Surely there's better alternatives.

Inverno4d ago

They must've really liked that Sims collaboration lol

-Foxtrot4d ago

Sims? Oh God she did that aswell

Katy Perry did Final Fantasy Brave Exvius as a playable character

Jesus, what's up with gaming companies teaming up with Katy Perry.

Inverno4d ago

I think she's one of the most friendly faces. Rather her than another rapper, or Ms.WAP.

Nuvem4d ago

Yes, nothing says kid friendly like Katy Perry. /s

Hikoran4d ago

Cyberpunk gets Keanu and Pokemon gets Katy? I'm sorry..have we chose the wrong dialogue option or something?

Relientk774d ago

Instead of wearing a revealing Elmo top for SNL, now she can wear a Pikachu one

Bruh4d ago

The Pokemon Company reeks of old farts who know jack about what the Pokemon audience actually want. As in this year they'll shove collections and remakes in our face while making Game Freak make a marginal upgrade to Sword and Shield for the next year's Gen 9 release

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