Returnal Is a Dream Project with Plenty of Crazy Ideas, Says Housemarque Dev

Housemarque Game Director Harry Krueger said that Returnal is a dream project and a highly ambitious one with plenty of crazy ideas the developers never thought they'd put into a game.

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codelyoko4d ago

Yet another fresh PS5 exclusive.

dRanzer4d ago

If i can only have ps5...
It's been one and half month since the last restock in my country 🥴

mikeslemonade3d ago

This won’t be a very good game. The developer is just use to make shootem ups, not third person action adventure game.

mgszelda14d ago

Hopefully it pays off. Playing my ps5 has no merit outside of load times right now.

Palitera4d ago

And also an indie with a $70 price tag from a company that abandoned all their latest projects immediately after release.

Kilua4d ago

You sound upset, what happened??

SullysCigar4d ago

(it didn't come to xbox lol)

S2Killinit4d ago

What exactly told you this is an indie? I hope you know the difference between a low budget game and an independent game.

Neonridr4d ago

the studio is a smaller known studio that doesn't self publish. Hence the term indie or independent. I don't know why people get so offended by that term.

S2Killinit4d ago (Edited 4d ago )

Because very clearly the term is used to justify a criticism that it shouldnt cost as much as a full fledged game. I thought that was obvious.

Also, “smaller known” studio is not the correct description of an independent studio, especially not Housemarque. But you knew that.

neutralgamer19924d ago


Smaller known but you do understand they could have grown by hiring more people for this project right? That's how developers grow in size

Palitera3d ago

I don't even hope you know what you're talking about. You sound very new to this discussion thinking you can claim the exact meaning of the term "indie".
But let's see... What exactly told me that "Housemarque is a Helsinki based independent game developer. Currently working on Returnal for the PS5"?
Their bio on Twitter.
Wanna argue with them too?

S2Killinit3d ago

Indie does not mean low budget. 🤦‍♂️ nevermind

Palitera3d ago

Irrelevant. In this case it does.

S2Killinit2d ago

Yeah, we are all blind so please tell us what only you can see.

Palitera1d 20h ago

"What exactly told you this is an indie? (...) low budget (...)"

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StormSnooper3d ago

He is referring to the fact that you used the term “indie” to support a claim that the game should cost less. But that went right over your head I think.

S2Killinit4d ago

I been watching the “Housecast” episodes about this game and Im really digging the gameplay snippets. It all comes down to how well they have balanced the gameplay but Im currently excited and hopful for Returnal.

deadfrag4d ago

I really think Sony is getting greedy with pricing! 79€ no way! I have noted that other publishers are keeping there prices the same has last generation even after telling that they would increase it..... a change of mind perhaps.. because the 15€ price bump don't seem a good move when they actually see that people will wait for a price drop if they up the price to 79€ and normally money is made on pre orders or the first month on sale. I hope this price bump from Sony will end bitting them in the end for there greed!Game looks good but no way I'm paying 70€ and support Sony greedy!

battletrax3d ago

If only there existed a way to wait for price drops. I never buy games new at full price. Wait a few months and have some patience. You'll be able to get it for $30.

Its not greed. Games cost millions of dollars to make. They can take more chances creatively if they know they will do more than break even and make a profit.

Im poor or else i would support these developers by buying day one full price.

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