Take-Two officially pulls its offer for Codemasters following accepted EA bid

From VGC: "Take-Two has announced it’s pulled its original offer to purchase UK-based Dirt and F1 publisher Codemasters, following the agreement of a rival bid from Electronic Arts.

The GTA parent had agreed an offer to purchase the veteran racing game firm, valuing it at $980m, but it was later outbid by EA which agreed an increased offer of $1.2 billion. The Codemasters board then withdrew its recommendation for Take-Two’s offer."

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justsomeoffdude4d ago

oh no... codemasters devs should better start updating their CVs

lelo2play4d ago

Don't be mean!.... but it's true.

bouzebbal4d ago

RIP codemasters.. Legendary studio

4d ago
LucasRuinedChildhood4d ago

I'd prefer if EA got them over 2K, tbh. 2K's micro-transactions are way worse.

ZwVw3d ago

Knowing EA, they will force Codemasters to start using the Frostbite Engine for the Dirt series (and their other properties) going forward.

Teflon023d ago

It's take two, not 2K. Take Two is okay generally imo it's once it's under 2K that's the issue. But I'd assume it would run like Rockstar and 2K as opposed to being in 2K. But then again I didn't read the article and only the headline so I'm probably wrong to assume that 😂😂

StoneyYoshi4d ago

RIP Codemasters.... It was fun while it lasted. I have no faith in EA for their past acquisitions. They are probably going to have them be part of the NFS franchise but meybe they will keep the dirt franchise going without screwing them up with mtx.

4d ago
Whitey2k4d ago

Thats not a suprise its all about the money at the end of the day. I mean sony could do the same with zenimax if they wanted to lay down 8.5

solideagle4d ago

Sony cannot afford billion dollar acquisitions. they are not MS/Apple/Amazon/Google

Whitey2k4d ago

Im sure they have that amount of money if they are that tight sony might aswell pull out of the console race

Chevalier3d ago (Edited 3d ago )

Wtf are you talking about? Sony bought Crunchyroll for over $1 billion and add in Insomniacs they spent like $1.5 billion last year.

Silly gameAr3d ago

They have that amount of money, they're just not desperate enough to use it.

Zhipp3d ago

Insomniac was only $229 million.

Army_of_Darkness3d ago


Sony can totally afford it. They are worth over 40 billion, but Sony is smart about their acquisition. They buy great studios, not ridiculously expensive ones.

Chevalier1d 17h ago


"Insomniac was only $229 million"

Yeah and Crunchyroll cost Sony $1.2 billion and add in Insomniacs and that's just shy of $1.5 billion. Please learn to read I said Crunchyroll and ADD in Insomniacs. So either you can't do basic math or can't read. Or both.

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