Intel PCIe Gen 4 Performance Evaluated on Z490 & Rocket Lake CPU Platform, Blows Away The PS5 SSD

Intel PCIe Gen 4 Performance Evaluated on Z490 & Rocket Lake CPU Platform, Blows Away The PS5 SSD

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CaptainHenry9164d ago

It was just a matter of time ⏲️

Tech53d ago (Edited 3d ago )

and by the time actual next gen games launch, that will use this tech; prices will also drop by then.
so i'll probably wait till then after. then i can pick up one for cheaper.

LordoftheCritics3d ago (Edited 3d ago )

By second half of 2021 we will be seeing PCIe 5 GEN which has borderline ridiculous speeds. Basically hitting Ram speeds.

In fact it has been getting delayed since 2019 and is now slated for 2021 2nd half and 2022. By the time most get hold of a PS5 we will be hitting another new gen of tech.

In fact I think sony should just go ahead and launch a pro with pci 5.0 and new tech.

CrimsonIdol3d ago

the PS5 is not bottlenecked in the slightest by PCIe gen4. It's SSD is plenty fast enough. Besides meaningless bragging rights PCIe gen 5 isn't going to mean squat to PC gaming for a long time. Hell, the huge performance difference between SATA and a gen 4 NVMe equates to next to nothing in terms of gaming performance at the moment. a second or two shaved off loading screens here and there. Whoopdy do. absolutely nothing on the very real and tangible jump from mechanical drives to SSDs.

8833d ago

What a joke - Nice try:
The article states:
"In CrystalDiskMark, the Intel Z490 platform with Rocket Lake CPU was able to achieve over 7 Gb/s reads and over 5 Gb/s write speeds. These are much faster than the 5.5 Gb/s read speeds of the PS5 & truly an impressive showcase of where SSD performance stands right now on PC platforms."
Now Consider:
"Sony expects Kraken to offer up to 1.64 to 1 average compression ratio for games (hence the potential 8-9 GB/s rate). However, with Texture also onboard, that ratio goes up to 3.16 to 1, leaving an I/O unit bandwidth of *17.38 GB/s*, which is much closer to Cerny’s theoretical performance of *22 GB/s*. The PS5’s custom decompressor can offer equivalent performance of up to an unbelievable nine Zen 2 cores in a regular CPU according to the console’s chief architect in his deep dive of the PS5’s tech."

*AND EVERY SINGLE PS5 CAN DO IT...* Which means developers can actually make a title DEPEND on this capability...
It's going to be a while before P.C. gaming can even THINK ABOUT using *this element* of technology as well. P.C. absolutely DOMINATES raytracing, but let's not try to win where there is nothing close to a win.

8833d ago (Edited 3d ago )

Disagree if you know the PS5's I/O trumps the PC. Agree if you agree ;-). Go ahead.
I love how disagrees come from those unable to acknowledge that at least *in this respect* the inherently antiquated architecture of the P.C. platform has some major catch up to do. Brute force doesn't fix outdated architecture. The article's own admission places the P.C. performance in this metric WELL behind what some developers (and Mark Cerny) have indicated the PS5 is capable of. Wonder how long it will be before enough people have P.C.s that will enable developers to create a game that REQUIRES this type of technology. Good stuff.

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CaptainHenry9163d ago


I'm looking forward to PCIe 5, Z590 motherboards, and DDR5 Ram. Alderlake intel CPU is going to be a beast

CrimsonIdol3d ago (Edited 3d ago )

Alder Lake will have Gen4 PCIe

edit: my mistake. Rocket Lake will have Gen4, Alder Lake will indeed have Gen5. Not much to go on for Alder Lake yet, other than supposedly it wont be basically the same CPU they've been rehashing for the last 9 or so generations.

CaptainHenry9162d ago


PCIe 6 won't be out for a while

Benficaman4d ago

thats to be expected, but... at what price?

Duke193d ago

Price is actually way more reasonable than expected imo.

ZeroBlue23d ago (Edited 3d ago )

Reasonable for new hardware, but less so when you factor in the fact that you can get a great 1tb m.2 for under $100 currently, and that consoles will be leading the way with SSD optimization. Furthermore, synthetics should always be taken with a grain of salt.

Duke193d ago

@ZeroBlue2 - Sure, but its brand new tech. So I always think that stuff is vastly overpriced. Just means that in a year or so, we will likely see something even better and this will be a fraction of the price.

Impressive how fast the tech changes

cfir3d ago

$159 for the Motherboard
$229 for the SSD
and unknown for the not yet release Intel Rocket Lake-S CPU that's also required for PCI GEN 4.0 (Read an article which reckoned a starting price of at least $112)
So basically for about the cost of a PS5.
Exceeded the raw speeds, but probably doesn't have the additional interrupt levels etc

Ju3d ago (Edited 3d ago )

What about RAM + GPU, Case? Also, the 7GB/s mean nothing on a PC - I got a NVMe RAID0 which can hit that and its still only marginally faster than an 500MB/sec SSD. Until there is direct storage utilized widely this doesn't do much

jwillj2k43d ago

Clearly the words of someone whose buys their computers from Walmart.

RedDevils3d ago

Sound like this could double the PS5 price, if includes the CPU/GPU/PSU/RAM excluding the case.

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Gamist2dot03d ago

Mark Cerny did mention about the 7gb SSD speed for PC in his PS5 presentation. Only difference is his projection was a bit early.

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brrdatisback4d ago

synthetic benchmarks will never be indicative or even comparable to real world performance. this article (and this website in general) is a verifiable joke.

Neonridr4d ago

what are you talking about? You realize these tests actually factor in reading and writing speeds right? It's how Sony was able to say how fast their SSD was.

are you ok?

brrdatisback3d ago

you think Sony ran crystaldiskmark on the ps5 to determine its ssd speed? thanks for the laugh kiddo.

Neonridr3d ago

@brrdatisback - so Sony has some uber elite software that nobody else has to benchmark there stuff? Is this your first time to planet Earth? I should be the one laughing, but now I'm concerned for you.

utopiancat4d ago

Why is the title changed from the website title? Just to make it more click bait?

Second why is the comparison to PS5 and not other PC hardware since this is a PC product?

And finally in time you'll almost certainly be able to use an SSD like this on your PS5 unlike xbox which uses proprietary SSD. And that proprietary xbox SSD cost as much as this SSD and has 1/4 the performance.

So while trying to make the PS5 look bad all you really do is open the door to highlight the limitations of the xbox.

darthv723d ago (Edited 3d ago )

Your information is inaccurate. Only the external SSD shell is proprietary by design (for quick insertion/removal) but inside it is the same M.2 drive as the system itself. Which is actually replaceable unlike the PS5 surface mounted SSD. So in time the S/X will get bigger and possibly faster drives (internal), ones that take full advantage of the PCIe 4 controller.

utopiancat3d ago

No, it's not. Technically it's not even M.2, that's a port type. It's construction is 4D NAND using a very old CFExpress port.

The Xbox Series X budget PCIe 4.0 SSD could be half the speed of the PS5

"The Phison PS5019-E19T is a budget SSD controller that’s been designed specifically to connect over the PCIe 4.0 interface, doesn’t use a DRAM cache chip, and because it’s essentially been based on a PCIe 3.0 controller doesn’t have the performance we’d expect from a purestrain PCIe 4.0 device."

JustTheFax3d ago (Edited 3d ago )

@utopiancat oh PLEASE! First, you are quoting an article from a year ago that says "COULD" based on speculation from before the consoles even launched, and trying to pass it off as factual info. Second, you say CFExpress is "very old" when the standard came out at the end of 2016. I guess m.2 is very very old to you then! Get real!

Neonridr3d ago

Because people were going on about how fast the PS5 SSD. Some PS5 games wouldn't be possible on the PC, which we all knew was a load of BS. A PS5 is basically a computer nowadays anyways, just a closed system one. It doesn't matter what they compare it to, this setup gives the fastest read/write speeds to date we have seen on any platform.

As for the MS SSD solution, while it's true that you can't just slam some off the shelf M.2 into the system like you might be able to with a PS5 it's not like the MS one can't improve internally. The outer shell would remain the same sure, but that doesn't dictate how fast it is.

Why do you feel the need to bring in the Xbox period? To make yourself feel better? Don't worry, the PS5 is still blazing fast.

JustTheFax3d ago (Edited 3d ago )

It isn't proprietary, it is the standard CFExpress. They already have CFExpress to SSD adapters. It is only a matter of time before some company makes a CFExpress to SSD enclosure for Xbox Series.

Also darthv72 is right that the xbox series uses a standard m.2 SSD drive internally. I am not sure if anyone has replaced one yet, but I am sure people are working on it.

Also, how does it highlight the limitations of the xbox, when xbox has expandable storage NOW, whereas you have to yet again wait with the Playstation. Wait for expandable storage, wait for VRR, no 48 Gbps for HDMI 2.1. Those PS5 limitations, sheesh!

Kados3d ago (Edited 3d ago )

Both of the SX drives are user replaceable, and the internal one is a standard off the shelf m.2. The PS5, only the external is replaceable. The internal one is solderd to the main board. Which one is limited again?

Babadook73d ago

As far as I know, Series x is pcie 3. Can not exceed 3.5 gb/s.

Kados3d ago (Edited 3d ago )

The current internal drive is 3.0, but the interface is 4.0. It can be upgraded.


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FyBy4d ago (Edited 4d ago )

Of course it blows away PS5. PS5 is mainstream product. This isnt. And it was about time. Bring more...more....MOREEEE :-D