Looks Like Predator Is Fortnite: Season 5's Secret Skin

After completing Predator challenges, players will be able to unlock Predator as Fortnite: Season 5's secret skin.

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Knightofelemia51d ago

Well the Predator franchise is all ready ruined last couple of movies sucked so bad maybe Fortnite can do something with it.

Kavorklestein51d ago

Predators is excellent in My opinion.

Knightofelemia51d ago

The last good film yes AVP 2 and The Predator just blew

Beef5upreme8351d ago

Im pretty sure predator 1 scored 9.6 on IMDB and won 7 oscars the year it was released.

CrimsonWing6951d ago

Not enough to get me to want to touch this game.