Returnal aims to "create unlimited replay value" for PS5 gamers

Big in 2021: Inside Housemarque's attempt to build the next generation of roguelike shooters with this new PS5 exclusive

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lifeisgamesok4d ago

Returnal is hitting all of the right keys for me. It looks amazing, the gameplay looks fun and the story reminds me of some good sci-fi horror movies

Bathyj4d ago

And Sigourney Weaver I'm pretty sure.

Sephiroushin4d ago

Do this game has multiplayer like the arcade games like dead nation, alienation etc which they made?

ArchangelMike4d ago

That's a good question. From all the information that's been released so far it seems that it is single player only. But yeah HouseMarque seem to always have a co-op element in tneir games, so it would be interesting to see with Returnal.

Sephiroushin4d ago

Yea reason why I ask I loved alienation and deadnation with friends... if it is single player at $80 it wont be a day 1 for me... I have a massive backlog on steam and a little behind on FF14 ( an expansion releasing soon this year )

mgszelda14d ago

Maybe a ghost of tsushima esque suprise after a few months

Dirtnapstor4d ago

Agreed. I'm leery about a $70 price point, and my backlog is massive as well. Especially when games I've skipped over are on sale for dirt cheap, Lol.

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DragonWarrior194d ago

Absolutely! I wasn't sure when it was just the non-gameplay trailers but once that first gameplay trailer hit I was instantly sold.

victorMaje4d ago

"Everything we put in the game goes through the same scrutiny: how will this survive repetition?"

You’ve got my attention.

Einhander19714d ago

This is why this game will be worth the price tag. Replayability, I will probably go back to this title time and time again.

GordyNYC4d ago

Looks fun, I wish that the main character had as much character in the animations as it does in the design. Her movements are stiff and uninteresting.

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