Xbox Should Be Clearer About Software Exclusivity

With the ink still drying on their Bethesda buyout, the House of Phil continues to bolster its now gargantuan first party studio slate with surprising acquisitions, newly established development endeavours like The Initiative, and enough games to make Game Pass a defacto smorgasbord of enticing content. However, the murkiness of chosen release platforms for certain upcoming titles continues to be a tad perplexing, with non committal comments on Starfield and Elder Scrolls VI, coupled with the Indiana Jones reveal, leaving many folks wondering where exactly these adventures are ultimately going to pop up.

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waverider1189d ago

it's business. Thats why they cant talk about it.

-Foxtrot1189d ago

No they’d just rather confuse the message as close to launch as they can and then say it’s coming to other platforms

Microsoft is the king of smoke and mirrors

Neonridr1189d ago

I don't believe they are obligated to tell anyone. You would like to believe that the larger titles will still release everywhere. I believe Bethesda still has the rights to self publish some titles anyways that won't be controlled by MS.

ziggurcat1189d ago

"I believe Bethesda still has the rights to self publish some titles anyways that won't be controlled by MS."

You would be very naïve to believe that MS doesn't have control over where those games went. Spencer has already made the statement in an interview late last year that he didn't have to ship titles to competing platforms in order for the deal to be good for them. Meaning: they are 100% going to keep unreleased Bethesda games exclusive to Xbox/PC.

LordoftheCritics1189d ago

I think they might be confused themselves. I mean look at all the Xbox names.

lifeisgamesok1189d ago

What I've learned with Xbox is that most of the time, it won't be exclusive

AngelicIceDiamond1189d ago

If you're talking about Bethesda the deal hasn't been done yet. When the deal goes all the way through we'll know what's going where.

Outside of Bethesda other MS studios are Xbox and PC only.

DJStotty1188d ago


They can not disclose platforms for a company/game they do not currently own.

I really do not know what you expect them to do? Break the law?

InUrFoxHole1188d ago

Lol we believe in generations!

SullysCigar1188d ago

"Microsoft is the king of smoke and mirrors" 100% THIS.

Microsoft: "We've totally bought bethesda and stuff - QUICK, pre-order Series X!!!"
Gamers: " Wow, big news! So are those games Xbox exclusive now?"
Microsoft: "Umm...can't tell you - it's a secret and we'd get put in jail, maybe"
Gamers: " You haven't actually bought them, have you???!"
Microsoft: "Well, umm, no, but we will in a year or so - So BUY Series X NOW!!!"
Gamers: "*Sigh* All these games will be multiplatform still, won't they? -_-"
Microsoft: "... ...BUY SERIES X!!!"

gamer78041188d ago

I've been through numerous acquisitions, companies are not allowed to talk about future plans until the deal has completely gone through. Usually the company issues internnal memos telling employees what they can say, and usually thats only the line of "i can direct you to our "public communications correspondent"

nice try to turn this into another MS is bad thread...

Kornholic1188d ago (Edited 1188d ago )

I don't know why you are getting so many downvotes. It has been seen countless times that when it comes to games, Microsoft is all talk and little action.

Tetsdah1188d ago

That strategy is fairly typical of them. The thing is, why announce it without clarifying what exclusivity is there? I surmise it is to entice people to buy the system on promises of games years out potentially.

The other objective is more or less what is happening in comment sections and articles like these. To reveal it this early despite being so vague about details, it seems was intended to headline grab. They don't need to tell us about it, so why tell us about it if there are no details to provide? This whole reveal has generated so conversation about XsX and "will they or won't they".

Nintendo and Sonys acquisition are clear and defined, and their discussions occur in short term. And after game releases.

mgszelda11188d ago

Well their smoke and mirrors all of the xbox one generation was to say exclusives are coming.

Gunstar751188d ago

They can't discuss anything about bethesda/zenimax until the acquisition is complete.

ILostMyMind1188d ago

Spencer also said that Xbox games will not be on PC.

hamburgerhill1188d ago

I hate smoke and mirrors. Hopefully MS can come out of the closet and just be up front with there current fan base. I'm sure once or if they release news of these games going multiplat they'll understand that there fans who've hung around for years waiting for exclusives will have finally more than likely had it. I would much rather be honorable than someone always wavers deceitfully. Hopefully they do the right thing for long time fans which will look good even to the biggest haters.

DogJosha1188d ago

Phil already addressed this issue and if I remember correctly it was pretty much that announced titles will remain multiplatform but unannounced titles can be either. Did everyone forget this info because it gives you a chance to hate Microsoft again?

Sayai jin1188d ago

They are not allowed by law to discuss exclusivity, make demands, etc to Bethesda while the acquisition is in process.

NeoGamer2321188d ago (Edited 1188d ago )

It is called "Marketing".

Whether it was Sony waiting until the last minute to admit that they will ship some nextgen games on both PS4 and PS5


Microsoft not telling us what platforms games will be on until the last minute.

Neither side can claim that they are any more righteous then the other.

Flewid6381188d ago (Edited 1188d ago )

Sounds like business.

frostypants1188d ago

That's basically what OP said. It's business.

carlos4241188d ago

Buy an xbox if youre not sure if it will come to playstation. Lol. That’s what they are hoping you will do.

Sunny_D1188d ago

I wouldn’t hold my breath in thinking these games are coming to other platforms other than PC. If they do then that will be a surprise. Just don’t want people holding out only to be disappointed lol.

amazinglover1188d ago

Or maybe and bear with me there where preexisting deals for these games before Bethesda was bought and its either too expensive to break them or they can't.

Darthpaul841188d ago

Na they just can’t announce all Bethesda games will be exclusive until the deal is final. Microsoft had zero need to release games on PlayStation this is all about gamepass and Xbox

OptimusDK1187d ago

The trade has not been approved yet, That is why they are not able to inform about their intentions more clearly. And that is a FACT- whatever N4g thinks.

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RazzerRedux1189d ago (Edited 1189d ago )

What happened to "transparency"? If every future Bethesda game were exclusive why hasn't Phil Spencer said so?