Kena: Bridge of Spirits Exploration is ‘Wide Linear’

Emberlabs Co-Founder Josh Grier recently shared some details about Kena: Bridge of Spirits exploration mechanic, calling it "wide linear".

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masterfox4d ago

A more focus story driven game then, sounds good to me :), just maintain those visuals please.

NecrumOddBoy4d ago

Wide-linear is like Uncharted or TLOU2.
Open-linear is 3D MetroidVania like Bioshock or God of War.

Just to clarify how this game is going to be. I love the concept of a strong story and focus on the adventure. I didn’t know if this was an RPG or what, but I guess this will be more of an adventure title. Looks great and I can’t wait!

Teflon023d ago

Really wanted to call this a metroidvania game huh lol.

DJStotty4d ago

Might pick this up for PC when it launches, looks quite good and i am a fan of games with exploration.

Kilua4d ago

I'll get this on ps5 when it launches. It will be better with the dual sense.

DJStotty4d ago (Edited 4d ago )

Yeah will be better with the DS5, might pick up the controller as well at the same time and connect to the PC.

Either that or i may just wait for the Series X launch, seeing as though it is looking like a timed exclusive.

mkis0074d ago

It's too bad the programmed trigger points don't have pc profiles for the dualsense.

CantThinkOfAUsername4d ago ShowReplies(1)
SDuck3d ago

wait it's coming for PC? Awesome I thought it was an exclusive for some reason

4d ago
Einhander19714d ago

Sounds even better now!! Hopefully no over sized world full of nonsense. Just a great adventure and story with fantastic gameplay.

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