The Callisto Protocol Takes Advantage of PS5 Features Improving Visuals and Environments

Glen Schofield tells us what to expect on The Callisto Protocol with the PS5 console's features improving visuals and environments, and how 3D audio makes the scare factor take it up a notch.

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masterfox284d ago

Really really want to see some gameplay of this new game, very intrigue by it.

Rambokind284d ago

We'll have to wait a while. It's slated for a 2022 release.

Kavorklestein284d ago

Same. I love Dead space. Anything from that producer or team and I'm interested/sold most likely.

283d ago
-Foxtrot284d ago

This sounds really good, hope they pull it off

Although they need to backstep that "it's set in the PUBG Universe" comment...I'm hoping he was kidding.

CrimsonWing69284d ago

I heard it’ll barely have any real connection. Just in passing you might hear things here and there.

sourOG284d ago

Can’t wait. Top 5 hyped already just based on dead space team alone.

283d ago
DJStotty283d ago

New game created by the dead space team

Sold, don't even need to see it lol

This game should be great, was a travesty what EA did to visceral

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