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CaptainHenry91646d ago

The biggest question is will this be a Xbox/Windows 10 exclusive? Let's see if Microsoft learn anything to be more competitive

CrimsonWing6946d ago (Edited 46d ago )

If Microsoft is smart they’d make it exclusive. This could be their competition to Uncharted. Even if it isn’t third person it still could be a great exclusive that can entice people to purchase their platform or just get it on PC.

Sonic-and-Crash46d ago (Edited 46d ago )

if it isnt 3rd person then it will for sure fail against Uncharted ......FPS is the easy and cheaply way to do an SP game ......Also even with Bethesda behind the Indiana IP needs tons of work to even match Uncharted as U4 and tomb Raider have already exploited most of the ideas

CaptainHenry91646d ago

I thought Sony was done with Uncharted? Naughty Dog is definitely done with it.

blacktiger46d ago

wrong if MS dumb then exclusive otherwise they need to make money!

CrimsonWing6946d ago


Quick question:

Why do exclusives exist in the first place?

Army_of_Darkness46d ago

Bethesda's uncharted, except with bugs and glitches I bet. Probably just an inferior version of uncharted.

SmokinAces45d ago

"This could be their competition to Uncharted."

Might want to lower that expectation way way down starting now.

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AngelicIceDiamond46d ago

Indiana Jones from Bethesda? I dunno how good the game might be I can see it being cheesy. I'd say multiplat this game probably won't do much for MS as an exclusive. They need something bigger.

Kavorklestein46d ago

From Machine Games. Wolfenstein.
Published by Bethesda but I can see it being good if done right.

Rambokind46d ago

The developer is pretty good, so there's reason to be optimistic.

Mcardle46d ago

Doubt it, Its a licensed game already in development and Microsoft don't own Bethesda yet. I wouldn't expect Bethesda Studios games to be exclusive till 2023 earliest. Timed sure, but completely exclusive I doubt it.

poppatron46d ago

When do you think this’ll be out?

A teaser for a game we’ve never heard of being shown for the first time today...

2023 is my bet

Sharky23146d ago (Edited 46d ago )

I hope it’s on all platforms. Also I hope it’s a great game!!

REDGUM46d ago

I can't see that a company these days would go exclusive with releases, especially from a bigger developer like these guys.
They'd be shooting themselves in the foot with potential sales.
I understand this is now more so controlled be MS but selling games these days needs to be done on mass scale not just one platform.

I can/could see the game as a timed exclusive. That'd make more sense, disappointing for me, a ps5 player, but makes sense from a business perspective. Exclusive only just seems like it could cone back to bite them in the end.

Then again, what would I know, I'm don't run a multi million dollar company.

S2Killinit46d ago

Pretty sure it is. Not sure if sonething like this will be very exciting but if they are teasing it before even showing anything, its probably a big deal internally at least.

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NewYork21445d ago

This game had to have been started before the talks with Microsoft if they are already announcing it. I wonder if Lucasfilm games has any say in it. Big IP to lockdown to a system. And doubt they went in knowing xbox was going to buy up the studio, especially if it will be on gamepass. Unless they are getting kick back.

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NeoGamer23246d ago

Nice. An Indiana Jones game being developed by the same development studio that works on Wolfenstein!

This is exciting! (Although, as usual no gameplay)

Atticus_finch46d ago

People keep talking about Bethesda making exclusives for xbox but the reality is that to make back your 7billion Ms has no choice but to make those games Multiplats. They won't be making their money when most people on xbox will choose to rent those games.

SyntheticForm46d ago

You think they need to allow their games on PlayStation to recoup the billions they spent?


waverider46d ago

Of course. When their consoles are selling less and less then the competition. When gamers dont need to pay full price to play big budget games.... When they have pay hundreds and hundreds of millions to all 23 or 24 studios to make games, to pay the salaries of all that work on that studios...

SyntheticForm46d ago

You really think that they have no other avenues to recoup that money?


Sayai jin46d ago

Synthetic, just let people believe what the will. They have already said they have other avenues to recoup that money, if they choose to directly do that.

sinspirit46d ago (Edited 46d ago )

Maybe don't talk before assuming that recouping is that easy. A 60 usd game can sell 10 million and make 600 million usd, before tax, shipping, development costs, marketing costs, percentage cuts to certain parties, etcetera. Even without all those costs, it will take well over a decade for them to recoup the costs of what they spent. For you guys, recouping costs isn't the same as simply making money elsewhere, lol. The point of an investment is for the return.. from the investment. Even being multiplatform it will take a very long time to recoup costs, but cutting out PS4 and PS5 who sell half the copies of these games? Not gonna happen. Timed exclusive is the closest you'll get.

DragonWarrior1946d ago

If you think gamepass will make up the difference, I hope you are aware the service itself is a money pit and isn't making MS any money.

SmokinAces45d ago

They'll need to allow their games on as many platforms as possible.

Rainbowcookie45d ago

I think they will keep it exclusive, that is how you sell consoles. If they don't xbox might fail. If I were them I would wait 2 years and see before considering doing a multiplatform, if the installbase is good keep it exclusive, of not selling on more platforms rakes in the cash to buy more companies etc.

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AngelicIceDiamond46d ago (Edited 46d ago )

"When their consoles are selling less and less then the competition."

Both consoles are selling well so I don't know what u mean. Your statement is fill with Irony. You claim MS is "selling less and less" but yet need to not make those games exclusive because of the acquisition. All we here from Sony fanboys is MS needs to have big AAA games. Something I definitely agree with. But they shouldn't because of a price tag they need to make up so which none is it? Do they need the games or not? MS needs to make up the price for all of it's acquisitions.

CBaoth45d ago

Already though the PS5 has outsold the Xbox SX by 2 million while both are supply constrained. This is as close as MS is gonna get. That's the problem. Sony learned via the PS3 you only get one shot to make a good first impression. It took them all gen to crawl out of the basement. With Halo, MS blew it. They've got all the money but not enough IPs to pull a PS3. I'm perfectly fine if Bethesda's catalogue becomes exclusive to MS' ecosystem. Like you said they need AAA exclusives. The problem is the 3 biggest hitters won't come till 2023 (ES, FO, Doom) when the current gen will be long decided. Then you got Nintendo in 2023 with Switch Too, which makes a comeback of sorts unlikely.

However it's not all doom and gloom. If MS continues Xbox into next gen, the developmental cycle will favor them. Most of these recent acquisitions will have released one big IP this gen and will be ready to have something available in the next launch window. MS needs to come out swinging; maybe something like cut the MP out of Halo and make it F2P to anyone who owns an Xbox or subbing GP through PC and mobile. Homogenize GP this gen so it's exactly the same service to everyone using it (XB, PC, or mobile). New UI, new gamepad, new console, streaming tech more matured plus 2-3 AAA exclusives at launch will provide a more serious competition with the next offering.

BLAKHOODe46d ago

That's ideal, but it's really pick 'n choose. A marquee franchise like Indiana Jones could be Microsoft's "Spider-Man". A system seller. There are lesser games that they could release multi-plat to recoup their $7b.

JackBNimble46d ago

I'm sure MS plan is more of a long term plan.
Besides that if Bethesda's games are xbox exclusives and people want them then that's how xbox starts selling more consoles.

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Knightofelemia46d ago

Hope it has better writing then Crystal Skull and there be no Shia Labeouf in the game.

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