NVIDIA Unveils GeForce RTX 30 Max-Q & Max-P Mobility GPUs, Much Faster Than PS5

NVIDIA has unveiled its next-generation GeForce RTX 30 Mobility GPU lineup which includes the GeForce RTX 3080, RTX 3070 & RTX 3060.

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masterfox54d ago (Edited 54d ago )

Who cares, still those laptops or PC gaming rigs wont have the best games (Playstation exclusives). ;)

Neonridr54d ago

this is assuming Sony doesn't start releasing some of their games on PC of course.

affrogamer53d ago

the starting price of the 3080 series is 4x that of the PS5 so what's the point of them boasting about it's power advantage over the PS5?

JackBNimble53d ago

It's a $2000 laptop not a $2000 GPU.

Either way , I'm ok with the ps5.

ZeroBlue253d ago (Edited 53d ago )

They very well may, but a year or more after the PS5 release, so who cares? Furthermore, if the price of the GPU is several times more than the entire PS5, it seems like a silly comparison.

Neonridr53d ago (Edited 53d ago )

@affrogamer - the 3080 is double the price of a PS5, not 4x.
@ZeroBlue2 - a 3060 is $329 USD. Just as reference.

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ocelot0753d ago

Been hearing this for like 2 years now. Still waiting for Bloodborne, god of war, last of us, Spiderman ect to arrive on pc.

So far there has been heavy rain (10+ year old), Beyond Two Souls (7+ years old). Detroit ( 2 years old) and Horizon (3 years old).

What next? Knack?

Neonridr53d ago

@ocelot07 - we know that their track record hasn't been great with releasing their exclusive offerings on PC, but that doesn't mean it can't change at any point.

sinspirit53d ago


"@ocelot07 - we know that their track record hasn't been great with releasing their exclusive offerings on PC, but that doesn't mean it can't change at any point."

We know you want to bring up useless information to make believe that the positives of one console aren't that great because of nonexistant scenarios. But, that doesn't mean you have any valid point or reason to keep perpetuating the same statements.

Neonridr53d ago

@sinspirit - I own a PS5 and PC. If I had the options to play some Sony games on my PC I wouldn't necessarily say no. But that's because I have a 3080 in my computer.

sinspirit53d ago


I don't think you understand. This topic keeps getting brought up as if it will be a thing.

The way you word your comment leans towards assuming that they will do this. Horizon is the only example you have. Death Stranding was developed by a third party that negotiated a PC release from the start.

Yeah, I'd get em on PC as well if I could. Just don't know why this is being brought up.

Neonridr53d ago

@sinspirit - oh I agree, I don't expect anything to come to PC until well beyond it's shelf date. MS is in a different position since they have opted to focus on both console and PC gamers.

Army_of_Darkness53d ago (Edited 53d ago )


Oh just double the price of a ps5? Psssh... That's nothing then 🙄.. Let's also add the price of a pc to the equation... Oh my... Now I see why it's a little faster than the ps5....

I'll stick with the ps5, thanks.

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RazzerRedux53d ago

"Who cares"

Those game on the go probably care quite a bit.

crazyCoconuts53d ago

And to that end, this is my next guilty pleasure:

ZeroBlue253d ago

"Those game on the go probably care quite a bit."
Those who game on the go, and have no budget ceiling, care quite a bit. Fixed it for ya.
People who buy flagship GPUs are already a tiny fraction of the overall GPU market, that number becomes smaller yet when limited to laptop GPUs.
"Ferrari unveils latest model, much faster than Toyota Camry."
The premise is stupid.

RazzerRedux53d ago (Edited 53d ago )

"Those who game on the go, and have no budget ceiling, care quite a bit. Fixed it for ya."

No idea what you think you fixed. A budget is needed no matter what gaming device you purchase. If you need a laptop then that's going to cost a good bit of money either way so upgrading to a gaming laptop probably isn't as big a deal as you think.

"People who buy flagship GPUs are already a tiny fraction of the overall GPU market, that number becomes smaller yet when limited to laptop GPUs."

The vast majority of console gamers are on base PS4 and Xbox One. So what is your point?

"Ferrari unveils latest model, much faster than Toyota Camry."

Sony unveils PS5, much faster than PS4.

"The premise is stupid."

Matpan53d ago

@Zero Blue..
People who buy flagship GPUs are already a tiny fraction of the overall GPU market, that number becomes smaller yet when limited to laptop GPUs.
"Ferrari unveils latest model, much faster than Toyota Camry."
The premise is stupid.

You DO realize that that is the test ground for the technology that will trickle down to the next generation of consoles, right?
Car industry works in a very similar fashion... Halo products and High End cars offer features that 5-10 years down the line become available to the general consumer market.
They come at a premium cost because:
A) they are expensive to manufacture, as all new technologies tend to be
B) they are usually produced in lower numbers (another factor to rise manufacturing costs)

If you have the disposable money for it, what is wrong in enjoying the latest and shiniest?

Moreover, a Laptop, specially a high end gaming one offers quite a bunch of productivity bonuses for people working in video / graphics and may be tempting for many other reasons other than simply gaming. A great gaming rig / laptop will, more often than not, be an excellent computer to do 3D with.

So it's not just that the New Ferrari is just faster than the Camry... it also doubles as a boat, a plane...

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anubusgold53d ago (Edited 53d ago )

@masterfox Pc players have plenty of games we dont need your games you are full of yourself. Between epic games store , steam, battlenet, Uplay, greenman gaming, GOG and other online stores we have all the games we need and we dont have to pay for online play. Plus mods like the Skrim mods have new story content that is hours long like a whole new game we dont need your crap. . Plus the countless MMOS that dont appear on console.

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Jerlemar53d ago

"Who cares, still those laptops or PC gaming rigs wont have the best games (Playstation exclusives). ;)"

The last part of that sentence was much dumber than the first.

Darthpaul8453d ago

Yeah right Sony is gonna put everything on pc

Matpan53d ago

Well I guess if you care to call the yearly open world-ish story driven third person action adventure title the best games... And I love my PS4, will get a PS5 and I am super excited for it. But man... PC gaming has SOOOO MUCH to offer. There are tons of games out there that are a BLAST to play that you can only play on a PC. PC still have genres consoles don't even touch, and is still the most prolific platform by a good margin of all out there. Sure, console gaming has that really easy access allure that is great to have. Pop a disc, grab a controller, enjoy. And there are AMAZING games for them too. The BEST? I don't know, depends on who you ask and regarding what. eSports is almost completely a PC business, and the PC online gaming community will dwarf any console numbers on a slow day... Shooters are way more competitive... and when games are multiplatform and you got the PC to run them properly, the difference can be quite noticeable.

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CDbiggen53d ago

I believe this is what they call a "cope".

devsmith10150d ago

When one owns a PC and every console, one doesn’t have adhere to such single minded peasant thinking.

That said, those of us who play on multiple platforms do care :)

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ProLogY53d ago

the GeForce 3080 laptops start at $1999. Really cool looking devices, but stating 'much faster than PS5' as if it's some kind of amazing achievement is such a ridiculous click bait statement.

Get this folks. The $2000-$3000 devices are more powerful than a $400 device. This is truly a remarkable feat.

waverider53d ago

Agree. The title... just think of a PS5 with tech that cost 2000 and not 399....

51d ago
cartoonx153d ago (Edited 53d ago )

laptops does not just do gaming only tho. its a portable device. also its 1k$ not 2k+.
While consoles def much better for exclusives, you cant just compare the price. PC does way more thn consoles.

ProLogY53d ago (Edited 53d ago )

Alright lets play this game.

You can get a premium productivity laptop like the Surface Laptop 3 for $799-$1299 depending on your configuration. The i7 model being the $1299. That would do homework, stream, develop, do homework, voice chat.. all the 'way more' category you just alluded too.

These gaming laptops start at $2000 and go far north of $3000 depending on configuration. So you're paying up to $1,200-$2,200 on top of the cost of a Surface for the ability to play games on a laptop.

It would be more affordable to get a Surface Laptop 3 AND a Xbox Series X or PS5, than to get one of these.

So yeah. You can compare the price. Nvidia is fantastic, but PC gaming is an incredibly expensive hobby, full stop.

CptDville53d ago

So you just agreed that this is a clickbait as comparison makes no sense.

ProLogY53d ago

Oh I was only looking at the 3080, $1000 for the 3060 is not a bad deal at all. fair game I concede.

CaptainHenry91653d ago (Edited 53d ago )

Actually I think the GeForce 3070 laptop is more powerful than the next-generation consoles. Just saying the 3070 might be a good deal for laptop gamers

seanpitt2353d ago (Edited 53d ago )

The chips in the laptops are gimped versions of the desktop, I don’t think so they have way less cuda cores the next gen consoles are to new to know what they are capable of... let’s just wait and find out.

Look how big the ps5 is so it doesn’t overheat and then you look at the laptops these chips have been gimped so that they don’t overheat

Then console optimisation is so much better than pc space you would need a lot more power for the same results

brrdatisback53d ago

this website is a joke within the pc community. they're known for clickbait, goofy takes, fake leaks, and the list goes on.

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mcz53d ago

It is rumored that these mobile 30 series cards aren't anywhere close in performance to the desktop 30 series. I would wait third party reviews before making any purchase.

FreeFallFrenzy53d ago

Most definitely. Even the Max-P model will probably only output 80% max of the same power, where the Max-Q variant is probably only 60% due to its power requirements. to make the laptop thinner. Laptops are a pain to do research on to find the one that works best due to this. And most retailers are vague on which one is in which laptop.

SprigganN4G53d ago

i'll take a $1200 Ryzen with RTX 3070 Mobile and run all this generation games with DLSS on 1440P. Building a new desktop PC right now is stupidly expensive.

Piggeroni53d ago

Yep or if you can catch stock at decent prices you can still build a good PC that will perform better than PS5. Don't forget a PC can do lots more than closed consoles.

Notellin53d ago (Edited 53d ago )

It will have to be about 2.5-3x faster to beat the optimization on consoles.

Simple fact of economics.

Kados53d ago

That has been debunked repeatedly. Console optimization hasn't really meant much since the PS3. A console with identical hardware may get 10-15% higher framerates at best. A 3060ti and Ryzen 5 2600x provide roughly the same performance as the PS5, and that is without even using DLSS. Once DX12 Ultimate and Nvidias version of resizable bar come out, the 3060ti / 2600x build will likely destroy the PS5.

Espangerish53d ago

My experience (as a 2080ti and PS4 pro owner) is that optimisation can a long way to reducing the impact of the raw power gap but only if it’s done really well. When I compare the graphics between poor performing pro games such as watchdogs 2 for example (pc and pro both hooked up to the same big tv) the power difference is very clear. But ps exclusives (TLOU2, Days Gone, Tsushima) where devs have maximised those games on the hardware match the visual impressiveness of the best I’ve seen my PC produce with ‘ultra’ settings mode.

I only wish we could get the level of care attention put into maximising pc hardware that ps hardware gets...the result would no doubt be amazing. As it is I often feel a lot of my pc power is wasted whereas every bit of the Pro is used.

Btf_199153d ago

3060 ti alone is 400 at least (usually goes for 450+). You’ll also need ram case mobo psu SSD cpu etc (assuming you’re building from scratch of course) . I love both my gaming rig and ps5 but value wise for gaming they’re not even close

brrdatisback53d ago

is that why pc gamers constantly complain about "console ports" when their games can't run smoothly?

darksky53d ago

You do realize that the PS4/Xbox One are using a Jaguar cpu which is probably only around 1/4 the performance of the Ryzen cpu in the PS5/XSX. Even then the PS4 produced some of the most amazing games around like GOW and Last of Us series. Now imagine what will happen when devs really use all the power of the PS5/XSX cpu which is around 4x faster.

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