Most Anticipated Indie Game Releases of 2021

One thing I decided to look for in 2020 was some Indie games that up until now have always seemed to slip under my radar. After making that decision, I have now found some new favourites.

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monkey602319d ago

Yeah none of my picks present either. 12 mins is about the only one here I've an interest in.

B68W319d ago

Agreed, a whole lot of meh on that list.

KingofBandits319d ago

Absolutely agree, this entire list is cringe. just a bunch of boring games that seem to fit into a very particular mentality....

Terry_B319d ago

Aye. My thoughts exactly.

B68W319d ago

Nothing blowing my skirt up on that list.

mastershredder319d ago

Did you try to find the most indie looking games you could possibly find? LOL. New favorites that you JUST discovered are now your most anticipated. Okay.

Unknown_Gamer5794319d ago

Is it odd that I've literally never heard of any of these?

Darksonic22319d ago

It's an opinion piece, it's our most anticipated games list, I think comments here seem a little harsh, it is an opinion piece afterall.

Terry_B319d ago

Its probably because the know..illustrate the opinion of the commenters about that list?