New PlayStation Feature Will Let You Leave In-Game Notes For Others

Even before the release of PS5 we knew how Sony’s next-gen console is the most social platform from the company. There are a ton of social and community driven-features currently available on PS5 but it seems Sony plans to keep expanding them.

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potatoseal805d ago

That sounds like Dark Souls notes on steroids lol, but for any game. Could make the games more fun too. Funny notes. Disparaging notes. Hidden item notes. Obviously you could turn them off and you probably could also have it so you would only see your "friends" notes. Could be really cool.

Neonridr805d ago

warn them of upcoming traps or something. Or of course lie to them..

Toiletsteak805d ago

Ofcourse you will have to hit them with a lie
"illusionary wall ahead"

Crazyglues805d ago

Yeah could be really awesome...

Iamnothuman12805d ago

Or spoilers from random a-holes

805d ago
P_Bomb804d ago (Edited 804d ago )

I could see the signs and persistent online of Death Stranding carry over. Sharing points of interest and assets while avoiding spoilers.

AC Origins had a photo mode that marked popular community shots on the map. I could see that cross over too.

Hikoran805d ago

Definitely another next gen feature Xbox will surely try use too

wwinterj805d ago

Why not? If someone has a good idea then the rest surely will use it. All console companies have used each others ideas at one point or another.

805d ago
Thundercat77805d ago

Xbox will soon copy the PS5 Dualsense controller. Looks to me Sony was the only one innovating and now Microsoft is just copying.

DJStotty804d ago

Good business, let Sony spend money on R&D, and then use similar tech if it is popular.

TheRealHeisenberg805d ago

Lol, everything just has to be us vs them.

Hikoran805d ago

I absolutely didn't mean for it to be us or them. I just mean pretty much what thundercat said, they're just on the tailcoat of other companies and not innovating themselves. They didn't even attempt VR not to mention.

TheRealHeisenberg805d ago

@Hikoran Fair enough but just like wwinterj pointed out, All console companies have used each others ideas at one point or another.

DJStotty804d ago (Edited 804d ago )


"They didn't even attempt VR not to mention."

Sony didn't even attempt AR not to mention

Neonridr805d ago

actually the Wii U had a rudimentary feature like this on the game ZombiU. Players could leave symbols / arrows behind on floors and walls for people on their friends list to find. You could also come across those players as well, if they were turned into zombies.

DJStotty804d ago

Nah it must have been Sony that did this first, it is always Sony. /s

Neonridr804d ago

@DJStotty - yeah, seems that way around here. Was merely pointing out that stuff like this has been attempted before, and it was a cool feature. Glad to see Sony is fleshing it out a little more. Don't understand why people get so sensitive about stuff.

DJStotty804d ago

Companies copy ideas of each other all the time.

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boing1805d ago

Is that a tip for DoA Xtreme?

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The story is too old to be commented.