Resident Evil 4 Haunted The GameCube 16 Years Ago

From TheGamer: "It's hard to imagine but back in 2005, it was a big deal that Resident Evil 4 was a limited-time GameCube exclusive, regardless of how huge this entry became. Over the past 16 years, you can still see its influences in modern gaming today.

Nintendo is often seen as a family-friendly company (especially in the 2000s), so it was a surprise when they announced that Capcom and the Big N struck a deal to make Resident Evil 4 exclusive to the GameCube. They even authorized an official controller for the game that looked like a bloody chainsaw! Resident Evil 4 brought terror to the little purple box and high-stakes action never before seen in gaming up to that point."

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strayanalog43d ago

I hate to be that guy but: "Chris explored this eery European village." But hey, it's the internet's job to correct people.
As for title itself, I didn't find the game particularly challenging way back then, so no Ashley deaths on my end, but it was good fun. The true killer in Resident Evil 4, at least for me, was the quick time events. Simply talking to the colorful cast ("your left hand comes off?") or simply trying to evade traps because someone had saw Raiders of the Lost Ark a few times, truly made what was normally a relaxing moment into a restless one.

Skate-AK43d ago

Be that guy. It would be like if someone confused Gordon Ramsay for Master Chief.

strayanalog43d ago

True. To be fair, if we dropped one letter in Chief then we would be one step from: "why did the chicken cross you the road? Because you didn't cook it, sir!"