CES 2021: Arcade1Up Unveils New Cabinets For X-Men, Killer Instinct, And More

New Legacy Edition cabinets and X-Men with online multiplayer are among Arcade1Up's numerous announcements for CES 2021.

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Knightofelemia50d ago

Too bad you can't add TMNT or Turtles in Time as two extra cabinets or even the Simpsons beatem up cabinet.

anubusgold49d ago

They have a TMNT games in a arcade its been out for a while?

Knightofelemia49d ago (Edited 49d ago )

Thanks I just saw it now wish they had Moonwalker, Turtles in Time, and Willow

anubusgold48d ago

I think i saw moonwalker and willow as well but it may be a modded one people mode the crap out of these its just a raspberry pie inside them. I got a Unico snk mini arcade i havent modded it yet and may not depends on what mods people make for it.

Lexreborn250d ago

I would go for the street fighter and killer instinct cabinets the games they have are up my alley

Universal 0849d ago

I wish they had a Primal Rage one, that would be great, i miss that