A “Nindies” Game Pass is What Nintendo Switch Online Really Needs in 2021

Rebecca writes: A Nindies pass would make Switch Online a more valuable service and would also help Nintendo compete with Game Pass and PlayStation Now.

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Vits53d ago

Other than the fact that Nintendo would have to share the money with developers, something that they are very unlikely to desire. A Indie style Game Pass was tested already with the service Jump. It lasted a bit more than a year cause nobody was interested in using it.

Maybe it would work on the Switch. But I wouldn't bet on something like that.

Knightofelemia53d ago (Edited 53d ago )

Nintendo should improve their online before even thinking about going the Gamepass route the Switch doesn't even have Netflix. I mean they need a party chat system, drop the prison number to add a friend, have the ability to even message a friend the NES and SNES libraries get updated once in a blue moon. And I don't see Nintendo dropping freshly released games they made on their own Gamepass day one like Microsoft does Nintendo wants that coin.

Neonridr46d ago

Pretty sure we have 50 other devices that we can watch Netflix on.